Results of Applying Spiritual Rescue Technology to Your Life

Thanks to all webinar participants for helping create this new understanding of what Spiritual Rescue Technology does to your life.

We have also discovered that there are some who do not feel comfortable exploring beyond the red barrier, because they will no longer be able to share what they know with all of their friends and family.

There is a choice to be made and not everyone will be willing to experience the changes that will occur when they penetrate the barrier between the everyday world and the Spirit world.

Having this diagram in mind will make it easier to decide who you can introduce to the spirit world.


Spiritual Rescue Technology – an overview


Just suppose there was a way to regain long lost abilities by simply reading, drilling and then handling your spiritual entities with caring communication. Just suppose that in addition, the nightmares of your past could be vanquished forever.

That technology exists now and has been field tested on actual clients with predictable results. It can be delivered by an advanced spiritual counselor to the client or the client can do it solo with occasional assistance from his counselor.

It uses a different approach to anything in use today and it is called Spiritual Rescue Technology. See our brief introductory video, Spiritual Rescue Technology Explained


For example, there are tens of thousands of people who have worked out ways to communicate effectively with the spiritual entities that surround them. There are many books written on how to talk to your personal angels and how to recognize your spirit guides. There are entire organizations working to raise awareness of the importance of working with our spiritual partners.

Google “spirit guides”, “angels”, “spiritual entities” and you will find more accurate information about these spiritual beings than most people could imagine.

The weak spot in much of this spirit guide literature is that the major attention is on the helpful spiritual entities who are willing to communicate and help people and the handling of demonic entities is left to a priest or other professional.

Handlings for angry or demonic spirits are focused on driving them away. This is the approach used by the Catholic Chuch and the Church of Scientology. Exorcists and Scientologists are both trying to drive “evil” entities away. The Vatican even has a department of Exorcism with a Head Exorcist. Whatever processes they use, they seem to work after a fashion.

There is now a better way to become cause over all spiritual entities whether spiritual or demonic.

Only recently have practitioners realized that most spiritual entities want to help and that it is quite possible to unstick these entities from the painful past experiences that bedevil them and bring them up to present time where they can provide real assistance to us in everyday life.

We call this better way of handling spiritual entities Spiritual Rescue Technology. It can be started as soon as a person becomes aware that there are other spiritual beings sharing their space.

The optimum approach seems to involve using the workable parts of David Mayo’s research together with the enlightened attitudes of modern day spiritualism. It bypasses the need to run any of the arbitrary incidents employed to sell the Church of Scientology OT levels and it doesn’t involve exorcism or sacred rituals of any type whatsoever.

The simplicity of our do-it-yourself processes are what makes them so powerful. They were designed and tested to detect and handle spiritual entities who are available to be addressed. This is the key to our success, addressing only those entities that are trying to communicate.

At any given time, you are surrounded by spiritual beings with a wide range of awareness and interest in what you are doing. Many are asleep, while others are happily accompanying you through your day. Some however, still have attention on old injuries and humiliating defeats and their memories close in on you when you encounter a situation similar to theirs.

The problem for you is that you are usually unable to distinguish their upsets from yours! If you are surrounded by spiritual beings who are in grief, it is almost impossible to separate their grief from your own feelings and whatever you are feeling can be drowned out by the strength of their emotions.

Spiritual Rescue Technology processes can be started as soon as a person becomes aware that there are external influences and thoughts affecting his life. Sometimes this appears as voices in his head, but it could be emotions that flash on and off without notice. It can sometimes be noticed when the person is “just not feeling like himself”


The person wishing to take advantage of this technology needs to be in fairly good shape mentally and physically or he will be unable to do this as a do-it-yourself activity. If he is not in good shape, he should not attempt to do it on his own, but should get sessions from me or another professional counselor until he is in good enough shape to manage on his own.

Someone who has had an extensive drug history or has been unable to get their life together will require spiritual assistance of a different sort before they are ready to tackle entities. There are other practitioners who offer services such as detox and Life Repair which help boost a person’s spiritual horsepower so he is less likely to be overwhelmed by spiritual entities in his daily life.

When the person is healthy, able to be in present time and is doing better in life, he can then start receiving Spiritual Rescue Technology from a practitioner like myself and will get the expected results of increased vitality and a new sense of purpose.

He will need to be doing even better in life before he should consider any do-it-yourself therapy

Failure to get one’s life together first will make do-it-yourself spiritual exercises difficult if not impossible and may result in heavy emotional losses and possible illness.

Getting ones life together involves handling most communications issues, continuing problems, upsets and regrets.

Once this is done, people can benefit from this powerful new material and can  experience rapid changes in the quality of their lives.

WHAT ABOUT THE STATE OF CLEAR? (A possible concern for Scientologists)

If a person is already able to detect and communicate with entities, The state of Clear becomes a formality. The real purpose of attaining the state of Scientology Clear was to prepare the person to run the OT levels where he would be introduced to spiritual entities.

If the person off the street wants to run entities and is able to communicate with them comfortably, he is probably ready to receive Spiritual Rescue Technology processing and then go on to do Spiritual Rescue Technology actions on a solo basis.



If you have any questions or comments, visit which allows you to ask any questions you want about SRT and allows you to examine session reports and SRT results.


Spiritual Rescue Technology Explained – Part One is an ongoing project in creating a complete Do-It-Yourself guide to locating and helping distressed spiritual beings through application of Spiritual Rescue Technology. (We will designate Spiritual Rescue Technology by the acronym SRT throughout this document)

The term spiritual beings refers to spiritual entities of all kinds: spirit guides, demons, circuits, ghosts, poltergeists, personal angels and spiritual teammates. Their different behaviors have caused them to be called by different names but they are all spiritual beings and can be addressed in the same way, as you will see.

We are surrounded by spiritual beings and most are trying to be helpful. You will discover this in your very early sessions using this technology.

On the other hand, you will also encounter some spiritual beings who have painful memories which they are constantly reliving. This can be a serious problem for you because you will normally not be able to distinguish their thoughts and emotions from your own.

Many people have found that their free floating anxieties and bouts of depression or guilt lifted miraculously once they got in communication with the disturbed spiritual beings that were generating these emotions and disturbing thoughts.

I make no claims that Spiritual Rescue Technology is the only way to rehabilitate spiritual beings. I can only state that these tips represent field-tested ways to identifying, contacting and rehabilitating these beings in a very short time with no additional training other than the sessions I deliver to get people started.

I am posting this Spiritual Rescue Tech as a public service so any interested person can see how simple it is to get in communication with their spiritual beings when they are ready. Other practitioners may find this useful and are welcome to use it as they see fit.


For the sake of clarity, let us define the terms used and the players involved in contacting and handling spiritual beings (entities):

SPIRITUAL BEING: A living spiritual being, generally without a body. It has volition, memory, goals, painful memories and all of the complexities of any spiritual being. It can present itself as anything from a thought or a complete personality to a pain or a full blown illness. A spiritual being (or entity) is the general name we use in Spiritual Rescue Tech to identify a spiritual entity of any kind whether a ghost, a spirit guide, an angel, a mental circuit, or a demon. This is what Scientology calls a body thetan. These are all different names for a spiritual being that does not have a body but may have possessed and controlled one. When fully recovered, these beings can and will pick up new bodies and carry on in a new life.

SPIRITUAL RESCUE TECHNOLOGY (Spiritual Rescue Technology or SRT):

SRT is performed with the Counselors Code fully in mind so that spiritual beings are treated the same as any other counseling client. They are disembodied, but they are truly living beings with intelligence and purposes and even a sense of humor at times.

SRT is used to unstick spiritual entities from the memories and painful incidents they are stuck in and get them to self-determinedly participate in life again. These painful incidents act as hypnotic suggestions and are called “engrams” in Scientology technology.

Spiritual Rescue Technology processing can be performed by a client  as a solo action or with an SRT practitioner supervising and coaching the client as he contacts and handles spiritual entities.

SOLO PROCESSING means handling spiritual entities with SRT without the supervision of a practitioner. It is similar to flying solo in a plane and can be done successfully after receiving enough sessions from a trained SRT practitioner. Many clients will run SRT solo for extended periods and then get a session from me to brush up on techniques or to handle difficult and complex situations.

There is no limit to the amount of support that a solo client can request and he can get it whenever he needs it at the standard session rate. In this way, a Solo Client is able to do extended amounts of spiritual rescue actions on a limited budget.

SRT processing can be performed with or without a GSR meter. When counseling someone else, a meter provides information on what is occurring with the client and his spiritual entities. Solo SRT processing can be performed with excellent results without a meter after a little practice.

GSR Meter: A type of psycho-galvanometer. This serves to point out to the practitioner those emotionally “charged” topics which pass through the subject’s mind, either consciously or pre-consciously. There are many different types of GSR meters available but we have found that solo processing can be done quite well without one in most cases.

SRT PRACTITIONER: The person who manages the rescue activity by coaching the client through the steps of identifying, contacting and rehabilitating spiritual entities.

CLIENT: This is the person who receives SRT counseling and later performs as a solo client when he has attained sufficient training and confidence to do so. He may be referred to as the SOLO CLIENT for clarity when discussing solo SRT procedures.


Let’s review some basic principles first. If these are not in place, dealing with spiritual entities can be very frustrating and the results will be disappointing.

–You are dealing with living beings and any effort to depersonalize them will make communicating with them almost impossible. Spiritual entities are intelligent and many have been with you for years, so they know what you know but they may never have been able to contact you. This lack of communication can make the spiritual entities irascible all by themselves, so approaching the spiritual entities in a confrontational or oppositional manner may make it even harder to work with them and rescue them from whatever painful memories they are still carrying around. They can also have a sense of humor which can be quite biting and sarcastic at first. Even so, most of them are actually trying to help in some way and I will cover that in detail further on.

–These beings have painful memories (engrams) that are reactivated when you interact with the physical universe and the people you deal with. These painful memories get activated and then go dormant which is why you have thoughts and emotions which seem to come and go randomly even when you cannot see any possible reason. These memories are not yours so they do not surrender to most other therapies or even to mood altering drugs.

–These spiritual being memories are mental image pictures which contain attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains and YOU experience these attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains AS THOUGH THEY WERE YOUR OWN.

Experienced SR Tech practitioners and clients can see the mental image pictures that the spiritual beings project.

–You become the effect of their painful memories through the mechanism of MISOWNERSHIP. You experience the painful memory of a spiritual being and you misidentify it as your own. These painful memories can include attitudes, emotions, sensations or pains. As soon as you spot that the painful memory isn’t yours, the attitude, emotion, sensation or pain is immediately reduced and may even disappear entirely. When the bad effect disappears as the entity is being spotted, we call that “blowing by inspection”. An experienced Solo Client is able to blow a negative attitude, emotion, sensation or pain by inspection whenever he or she chooses. This occurs after the client has had enough sessions with a Spiritual Rescue Tech Practitioner.

–Some spiritual entities used to have physical bodies, others did not. Spiritual entities are living beings that can present themselves as anything at all: As pains, evil thoughts, warning messages, voices in your head, thoughts that randomly pop up when least expected and a thousand other manifestations that can interfere with your life. Not to worry however, the solution is pretty standard: The Client or Solo Client gets in communication with the spiritual entity, rescues him from his painful memories and bring him up to present time.

–Spiritual entities can be found as individual beings or clustered together, thinking they’re a single being. This should be determined when they are first contacted because the initial handlings for each situation have different steps. The final objective is always the same: to bring the spiritual beings to present time and out of the incidents or memories they are stuck in.

–The optimum handling of all spiritual entities is to bring them to present time using friendly and compassionate communication and then let them decide whether they wish to stay and help or wish to be off and about their business. They are really quite handy when their purposes are aligned with yours and this will be explained at a later point.

–In Session means: Interested in what is happening to themselves and willing to talk to the practitioner. This applies to clients and to spiritual entities as well. If you are a practitioner planning on helping a client or rescuing spiritual entities, you must be willing and able to put your client and his spiritual entities at ease and willing to communicate with you. The client must develop the same ability if he hopes to put his spiritual entities in session.

–All communication with spiritual entities is done mentally. You direct your thoughts toward a specific area in space with an intention to reach the being that is there. You do not have to form sentences, a simple concept will do the job nicely. After you have asked a question such as “who are you?”, you may get a single word response or you may get a burst of concepts that will take you several minutes to digest. Make sure you acknowledge every response or origination by an entity.

–If you wish to rescue spiritual entities, you must be willing to treat them as you would treat any other person by making them know they are important in your eyes. If you try to help anyone while treating him or her as a tedious job to be done, you are not making them feel important. You are invalidating them and their worth as beings. If you treat every spiritual entity as an important living being and possible future friend, you will find that your sessions will go very smoothly.


-You must follow the Spiritual Counselor’s Code when dealing with spiritual entities. This is a code that has been written for the benefit of the client and his spiritual entities instead of for the benefit of the practitioner or any organization.

–If you are in pain or out of sorts because of what a spiritual being is doing, I suggest you meditate or just sit quietly and calm yourself before beginning session. You must be calm and focused if you expect to handle spiritual entities successfully.

-If you are looking for spiritual entities to get rid of them, I suggest you re-read the earlier parts of these basics until you understand why that purpose is counter productive. If you cannot abandon the idea that getting rid of spiritual entities is your highest priority, I suggest that you get sessions from a SR Tech practitioner until you understand the importance of working constructively with your spiritual entities.

Destructive intentions in sessions can have serious effects on your body and your general health. Upset spiritual entities can cause all sorts of serious health problems.

– Smooth handling of spiritual entities with your Spiritual Counselor’s Code fully in place will produce hours of winning sessions that will not require any repairs by a practitioner. You will experience life-changing wins in almost every session because you are handling the hidden factors that control your behavior and limit your abilities.

–Acknowledgment is extremely important for every answer or origination by an entity, possibly because they have been unacknowledged or made nothing of for so long. A natural and easy communication cycle with the right amount of attention and intention will go a long way toward putting the spiritual entities at ease. All you have to remember is that Spiritual Rescue Technology gives you the tools to perform a rescue mission, not a search-and-destroy mission.


If your basics are in, this becomes an entertaining challenge because your mission is to contact spiritual entities which are experiencing difficulty and to bring them to present time. If you were to think of this as a rescue mission, it should put you in the proper frame of mind to succeed every time.

In most cases, the rescue can be accomplished in one session. We are looking for spiritual entities that are affecting the clients mood, behavior, attitude, health, whatever. Spiritual entities that are disturbed are a common cause of body pains. If the client is experiencing aches and pains that do not reduce with rest and normal medical treatment, it is prudent to investigate the area and see if there are energy masses or spiritual entities with attention on the area.

We can find spiritual entities or clusters of spiritual entities by asking what is the client’s attention on or what does he or she want to handle? A solo client needs only to notice where his attention is being drawn. Some practitioners are able to see spiritual entities as shimmering areas of energy, others see no visible evidence but find that their attention is being attracted to a particular area in space or in their body. This is an ability that improves with practice. Receiving SRT services from a trained SRT practitioner will rapidly increase one’s ability to spot spiritual entities, masses and spiritual energy.

>>> Continued in Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part Two

If you have any questions or comments on this material, visit which allows you to ask any questions you want about SRT and allows you to examine session reports and SRT results.

Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part Two


ImageOnce you have an understanding of Spiritual Rescue Technology basics, using it becomes an entertaining challenge because your mission is to contact spiritual entities which are experiencing difficulty and to bring them to present time.

You need to recognize that this is a rescue mission to put you in the proper frame of mind to succeed every time. In most cases, the rescue can be accomplished in one session.

This is the stunning simplicity of SR Technology, you locate and contact spiritual entities, rescue them by unsticking them from whatever incidents they are fixated on, and then bring them to present time.

Most of the time, they will quickly get in communication with you and will be willing to work with you in a harmonious relationship.

Here is the basic handling in more detail:

In session, we locate spiritual entities or clusters of spiritual entities by asking the client what his attention is on or what problem or concern does he or she want to handle? A solo client needs only to notice where his attention is being drawn.

Then, the client is coaxed to ask the entity if it needs help. This is done mentally as all communications are telepathic. The new client is usually quite startled to “hear” an answering thought when he asks a question.

There are questions you should ask an entity once it shows a willingness to communicate. You can ask who or what it is and it may give you some unusual answers. Do not question the answers, just acknowledge the being mentally for answering you.

Asking when it joined the client will separate the being from its assumed identity as the client. Some spiritual entities are quite surprised to find that they are not the client! They have been BEING the client for many years and have been frustrated at the lack of success they have had in controlling things or warding off danger.

This is not a rote, by the numbers exercise. You contact the entity and you get in comm with him or her by asking appropriate questions and matching tone levels. Once you are in communication, you are looking for information which will bring the entity to cause over his situation.

He can be talking to you and still be totally stuck in an incident. This is not so different from many of the people you talk to during the day. Once you ask some personal questions and show your interest in the entity or person, they will recognize you as a real terminal who is paying attention to them.

If you know how to strike up a conversation with a person in Starbucks and get them to tell you about important things in their life, you are already trained to help spiritual entities because similar steps are involved.

Their emotional tone level comes up as you talk with them and they will volunteer information that will lead you to ask more questions until they are completely in present time and discover that something has changed for them.

Once they start looking around, you can ask them what they would like to do now. Quite often, they will be interested in hanging around and possibly helping out in some way. There are several ways to handle this which are covered in the last section.

You might want to see if they know what year it is. Some will need orienting as they were last awake many centuries ago. You can get them to experience present time by sending them to a quiet beach or to a busy mall depending on their situation. Sending them to a mall to go window shopping usually makes them quite happy and they will come back to you with all sorts of observations. At that point they are often ready to go to work in some capacity.

Here are just a few of the situations you may encounter when applying Spiritual Rescue Technology:


This is the most common situation. The client becomes aware of an entity or mass in his space and attempts to communicate with it. The entity responds with a burst of surprise and seems to vanish.

A slight variation on this theme is communicating with an entity and asking him who he is and he responds with the client’s name. He usually has been under the impression that he was the client and was managing the body all this time. Asking when he joined the body will often help him sort the matter out. He will often experience relief once he knows why his commands were not being executed properly. Many spiritual entities in this situation are unaware that there is a “big” entity running the body and that they were separate spiritual entities.

Spiritual entities in this situation are easy to handle as they have been trying to make things go right for a long time. Once you communicate with them they are eager to stay on and help out.


This example deals with compulsive behavior. A typical client complaint might be, “I have this compulsive desire to organize things and tidy up places no matter where I am!“
This and the following compulsion are handled in the same way.

A more troubling compulsion was expressed as “I have this problem with men. Once I get emotionally close to a man, I can’t seem to stop pursuing him. I have to have him! I lose all restraint. It is ruining my life and nothing has handled it.”

A little discussion in either case brings out the fact that there is a definite point where the compulsion takes over and the client feels helpless to resist it.

We find that the compulsion seems to emanate from a point in front of the client each time it occurs.

The client is asked to locate the exact point where the compulsion comes from and say how big an area is involved.

Once the client gets the location and size, she can be asked if it is a cluster of spiritual entities or a single entity. Even a first time client seems to be able to tell if it is one being or many jammed together.

We get the client to ask the cluster how many beings are in the cluster and it usually begins to break apart as individual spiritual entities recognize their unique status. We get the client to pervade the cluster and see what picture is held in common. This is usually an incident related to the compulsion felt by the client.

The cluster will begin breaking up as the picture is recognized as such and acknowledged. It may vanish completely or a few individual beings may remain and need to be handled as single spiritual entities.

Asking when the incident occurred will often cause the cluster of entities to dissipate. If it doesn’t dissipate, you might ask what they were doing or not doing before the incident. This will usually reveal that they were ignoring danger signals of some sort or they were annoying someone and got zapped. At this point the entities start showing some amusement and most will come to present time.

If the client has been exhibiting obsessive compulsive behavior regarding organizing everything, there will usually be an incident where the spiritual entity was severely punished for not doing something right

If the client has been experiencing lust as in the second example, the spiritual entity’s incident may contain strong sexual images and impulses which acted upon the client at inappropriate times. Getting the entity to tell what was done that caused the painful incident to occur will usually free the entity from the incident and he will come up to present time.

Finding “when” the implant was set in is the easy way to deal with it.

This is not a taped and rote by the numbers exercise. You contact the entity and you communicate with him or her by asking appropriate questions and matching tone levels. Once you are in communication, you are looking for information which will bring the entity to cause over his situation.

As was stated earlier, If you know how to strike up a conversation with a person in Starbucks and get them to tell you about important things in their life, you are already trained to help spiritual entities because the same steps are involved.

Once the client frees the entity from the incident it feels stuck in, the clients compulsions drop away.


You ask what the client’s attention is on and their response is: I have this pain in my stomach, or head, or some other body part.

You get them to locate the cluster of entities or single entity that is connected to this pain and you can ask who it is and what it is.

On the other hand, merely asking an entity, “Are you doing this to help in some way?” (“What are you trying to help?”) will often get the entity to immediately begin open communication.

Occasionally the entity may say, “Fuck off!” and you need to use a different approach. (They do get quite rude at times, so you need to keep your manners in and remember that you are there to help this being and bring him to present time)

You can ask, “Has your help not been acknowledged?” and that will often open the doors to an extended rant but the entity will now talk with you.

Remember that acknowledgments are VITAL when you are handling an upset entity.

Your communication with the entity needs to be smooth and as pleasant as possible and you must not allow yourself to get irritated and get angry when your offer of help is refused and you are called rude names. Patience and a calm demeanor will go a long way toward smoothing out an upset between you and an entity.

You need to understand why the entity is angry and do the appropriate handlings and acknowledgments to get his upset handled. The upset may even be with you, so be prepared to take responsibility for whatever you did. Be prepared to admit you caused the problem if that is the case.

You can ask, “What have I done wrong?” or “What did I do wrong?” Then, just listen and let him know that you understand what he is saying.

Take responsibility for whatever you did or didn’t do and then stay in communication with the entity and bring him to present time with good two way communication. Make sure you let the entity say what he wants to say and understand and acknowledge him. If you don’t get what he is saying at first make sure that you keep listening until you get it all.


This is an example of a spiritual entity being controlled by someone else.

You locate and handle an entity and he communicates all sorts of things but he doesn’t seem to have any realizations and there is no change in him or in his willingness to come to present time. He may stop making sense and he may seem to go silent at different times.

Ask the entity if it is “connected” to something or someone in a different location. If it is, you will get an immediate reaction and you begin handling the connection in order to sever it.

The connection will seem to be from an entity in the client’s space or on the client’s body to another entity far away. There may a connection from the being running the body (the client) to a distant location, but it seems to be less common.

The connection may be “visible” to the client or Solo client as a line stretching off in some direction or it may be totally invisible and exist only as a concept. Either way, your objective is to find what is at the other end of this connection.

The connection is usually two-way. Commands come down the connection and data flows upward to a monitoring system. The purpose seems to be to track and control the client. Sometimes the client has agreed to be tracked and controlled because of his past misdeeds.

This can be handled by having the client, not the entity, sever the line going to the remote location or to send a destructive impulse through the connection until something breaks the connection.

Getting the client to pervade the situation and talk about it will eventually unravel the agreement that is holding this communication line in place if actively disrupting the connection does not seem to work.

There are many different connection situations. Some spiritual entities are connected to a network of higher level spiritual entities who monitor spiritual entities on various clients. Some spiritual entities seem to be connected to machines located elsewhere.

Once the connection is broken, the entity needs to be brought to present time and released or recruited.

These are just a few of hundreds of examples. They all can be viewed as rescue missions with the object of bringing an entity or spiritual entities to present time.

Unsticking the spiritual entities from past incidents can take many forms but the easiest way is to get in good communication with the entity and show it that you care for it and get it to communicate what its attention is stuck on.

If you, as a solo client, do that with compassion and a desire to help, you will be as successful as any professional Spiritual Rescue Tech practitioner.


The answer to that is contained in


If you have any questions or comments on this material, visit which allows you to ask any questions you want about SRT and allows you to examine session reports and SRT results.

Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part Three

When Will You Know You Are Through Auditing Spiritual Entities?

Contrary to what you may have been told, there is no end to the spiritual entities you will encounter in your life.

There is no way to get rid of your spiritual entities, although the people who have completed Scientology’s Advanced Levels have been led to believe that they are entity-free. Many of them may have attained a significant level of spiritual ability, but the observant man on the street can tell that many Advanced Scientologists display fixed ideas, have a tendency to lie, and are afraid of communicating freely with others, which is the usual sign of impingement by upset spiritual entities.

There are enlightened men of many religions who show more peace of mind than Advanced Level Scientologists.

The real situation on spiritual entities is this:

The world is full of spiritual entities…they are everywhere.

Get used to it and prepare to take advantage of it. If you treat them as a potential resource rather than an enemy force out to get you, you will have the opportunity of a lifetime. You can multiply your spiritual power through the recruiting and organizing of innumerable spiritual entities who are actively looking to work in harmony with you.

If you have not yet spotted the presence of spiritual entities in your environment, here is an experiment that may help you to understand what the potential is.

Go out into the environment and see if you can find a spot where there is no life force. Do this long enough until you have a realization that increases your awareness.

Grass has spiritual entities. Animals, insects and trees have spiritual entities. Even the stones and the earth have spiritual entities. Look up into the sky and see what is there in terms of life forces.

This is why the Advanced levels promoted by the Church of Scientology are a futile effort and lead to self-invalidation. If you could totally cleanse a space around you by driving spiritual entities away so you could attest to “No More spiritual entities”, all you have to do is go downtown and you will come home with a complete new set of entities! If you attracted attention from others, their spiritual entities can attach themselves to you. You can pick them up from everyone who noticed you or admired you in some pleasant or unpleasant way.

You can even pick up spiritual entities from going in old buildings or from visiting strange bars. You come along all bright and shiny and an entity says to himself, ”Here’s a live one! I think I will follow him home.”

Advanced Level Scientologists pride themselves on having no more spiritual entities, and they are really distressed when their bodies get cancer, or Lyme disease, or generally look rundown and hurt all over. They have been given false data about being free from entities and this conflicts with their perceptions and often ends up killing them. They are ignoring their spiritual entities and that leads to upset spiritual entities. There is a better solution.

What Can You Do With Spiritual Entities After You Have Rescued Them

You have brought them to present time and oriented them so they know where they are, so now you ask them if they want to move on and start a new life or if they wish to hang around and work in harmony with the rest of the beings in your personal space. Many spiritual beings you rescue will have been with you for many years and they will generally want to go on working with you in some capacity. They have been trying to help even though you did not know they were there and now they will get recognition for helping.

They are generally happiest when you put them to work. They can provide remote viewpoints for gathering data. They can analyze situations and warn you when necessary. They can check out what is happening to your loved ones and your possessions on a continuing basis. They can cheer you up and make you feel safe. They can even feed you ideas when you figure out how to take advantage of their creativity.

I have not spent much time detailing their abilities, but they can be intelligent, resourceful, good at math, good at art, good at making speeches, and a host of other skills…like any other group of living beings. You just have to be willing to look and listen when they talk to you and you will generally figure out what they can do for you.

They can remember things for you like names, how to play the piano or many other instruments, how to compose music, addresses and phone numbers.

I know they can do this because I lost the ability to remember names after a NOTs session at Flag. The spiritual entities I used as a repository for that data was gone and I spent years trying to recover that ability for myself.

You can organize them or you can be smart and get them to organize themselves. One of my clients gets his spiritual entities to do counseling on each other. Another one of my clients send his spiritual entities out to heal people and they are very good at that job. One client uses his spiritual entities to do remote inspections of people and situations.

I tend to use spiritual entities to predict the future. It is simpler than it sounds. The future is created by the aggregate postulates in any given area. When you intend something to happen, it happens if you intend it and your intentions are not blocked by other intentions.

I use spiritual entities to be aware of intentions concerning me and my future actions. It is almost like sampling opinions. If my intended actions will invoke counter-intentions, I can use that information to work out an alignment of intentions so I get what I intend without initiating conflicts. Sometimes this is merely a matter of moving more slowly than I originally intended.

All who successfully employ spiritual entities to help them say that their spiritual entities provide them with a greater space to work in. They have many more attention units at their disposal.

One Final Caution

There are some prerequisites for successfully helping yourself using this Spiritual Rescue Technology.

The person wishing to take advantage of this technology needs to be in fairly good spiritual shape as this SR Technology does not replace the need for handling ones own upsets with life and ones actions that have damaged others.

It also helps if one is leading a healthy life, helping others and avoiding actions that damage others.

Handling ones own backlogs, unpaid bills, favors owed and amends for past wrongs helps the being boost his own horsepower so he is less likely to be overwhelmed by spiritual entities.

There are a number of spiritual repair actions available from other practitioners and these can be done online or in person as befits your circumstances. Check out the Independent Spiritual Technology site for information on these services and practitioners.

Failure to get your spiritual basics in will make SR Tech processes difficult and may result in spiritual upset and possible illness because you will be unprepared to deal with upset spiritual entities. If you are unsure, it is far better to consult a SR Technology practitioner before attempting to use the technology on a solo basis.

If people start casting about for spiritual entities without getting their communication difficulties, persisting problems, harmful acts and upsets with others addressed first, they will not get any benefit from this powerful new material.

On the other hand, if a person is already able to detect and communicate with spiritual entities, it is evidence that they have already achieved a state where they can use the Spiritual Rescue Technology materials.

If the person off the street wants to run spiritual entities and is able to do so comfortably, he may be ready to be a client. He still may need a short repair action to prepare him for running SR Tech processes on a solo basis, but this has usually been a short action of less than 10 hours.


The next sections contain background material about entities which will help you deal with unusual situations you may encounter. Continue reading with:

>>>Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part Four


If you have any questions or comments on this material, visit which allows you to ask any questions you want about SRT and allows you to examine session reports and SRT results.

Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part Four

In this part, I will try to give you background material about entities which will help you deal with unusual situations you may encounter.This part will be rather long and will probably be subdivided when it is all put into a book.

The material in the earlier Parts One, Two, and Three should be clearly understood and should be discussed with a trained Spiritual Rescue Practitioner until you can do all of the actions successfully with a caring attitude and a smooth communication cycle. This will give you successful solo counseling sessions with most of the spiritual entities you will encounter.

The material in this section covers situations that you WILL encounter but they are far, far outside what you might expect and I would like you to be prepared when they turn up. Reading these real examples will give you ideas you can use when you finally encounter them.

The important thing to remember is these experiences are real and you will eventually run into more then one of them in your counseling or solo counseling. Your successful handling will require you to understand and acknowledge what you observe. Any effort to explain or alter what is being perceived or communicated will stop your communication cold and you will have to spend a lot of time fixing up the upset with the entities involved.

These are incidents where caring is vital as you will be dealing with spiritual entities who are suffering from incredible upsets.

One interesting fact to consider is that spiritual entities are rarely alone. They are often stuck together by common incidents or even by intentional actions. For example, a being running a body has lots of entities helping to run the body and keep the heart beating and the various organs functioning.

This large group of entities has been referred to as the Genetic Entity in Scientology and as the Chakra in the Hindu traditions. These centers of life force can be contacted and they play an enormous role in managing body functions and even emotions according to some schools of thought.  I will be covering this in more detail in a future section.

Picking up a Body has Consequences was asked, “When someone gets back and picks up a new body,what then? His new body gets prenatals and engrams, the body has a new Genetic Entity with a new reactive mind and body thetans.. (He needs to do the Scientology Bridge again?)”

My short answer was, “It varies.” The complete answer is that there is no one simple answer.

I have been doing spiritual counseling since 1977 and have run into clients who were: past-life Scientologists, past-life FBI agents,  people who picked up their current body when someone got really sick and gave up, or got badly injured, and people who moved in and took over bodies on a temporary basis.

You can get a sense of the complexity that goes with picking up a body by reading History of Man and reading the transcript of The Role of Earth, but there are dozens of other lectures where Ron Hubbard refers to taking over a body or picking it up and pretending to be the person who used to run the body. Other authors have written about the same subject.

The following examples are the ones I witnessed personally.


Some spiritual beings are better at handling “fixer uppers” than others and when one of these beings loses a body in battle or in an accident, he can get inspired to pick up another body in better shape and carry on without the need to grow a body from scratch. I have had two clients who went through multiple bodies during the second World War. Both of these clients ran standard Scientology processes and it did not seem to matter that some of the engrams were from the earlier body or the new body.


Past life clears and people with special spiritual abilities have usually had trouble when they were audited in the Church of Scientology. Generally, this was because staff members did not believe in their having spiritual abilities even though the church promised that people could get these special abilities from church counseling.  In some cases, their abilities were invalidated and in other cases, they were run on processes should not have been run.

As staff cases got worse and worse through neglect and abuse, their handling of public got more robotic and invalidative. As a result, most staff members, not being clear and having little reality on past lives, would snicker when a new public person attempted to explain that they had been in Scientology before.


Picking up a new body at birth or during pregnancy might cause a being to encounter prenatal engrams, but I have never seen these to be difficult to run when they were encountered. Yes, the pc does pick up a new Genetic Entity with the new body and any issues with this Genetic Entity seem to be handled with Dianetics in most cases. The pc usually runs the Genetic Entity’s engrams as if they were his own.

When the being picks up a new infant body, he seems to pick up spiritual entities that are inherited or copied from the mother and father. These get added to the spiritual entities that the being has been dragging along with him for many lifetimes.

It is quite usual when running Spiritual Rescue Technology processes to encounter spiritual entities that have a connection to mother or father. These entities will often have messages similar to messages that mother or father used to control the child.

Someone who has gone clear before this lifetime does not seem to have engrams actively affecting them. Whenever we would encounter an engram in session, it would blow on inspection. The pc would say something like, “Oh yes! The train blew up because I forgot to…” and that would be all there was to it.


I encountered more cases of this than I ever expected. Perhaps it is because the person having gotten himself a new body with a new family decides to fit in keep quiet about it. He becomes the person he is replacing and nobody is the wiser.  Sometimes the family notices something but can’t bring themselves to believe what has happened.

I wonder how many times families have remarked that Uncle Ned has not been himself since he came home from the hospital or that Mary does not seem the same since her accident. The change is not all bad because I know of one thirteen year old boy whose life was transformed for the better when he recovered from a serious accident. He seemed much brighter and alive.

I have personal knowledge of several people I know who picked up their current bodies in their teenage years. They did not discover this until they had some auditing and the takeover has not been a major source of charge to be handled.

Sometimes a person will come home from the hospital and their behavior will be so wrong that it interferes with their home life. One client had a spouse who was operated on several times and on the fourth return from the hospital the spouse was definitely a different person with a different language set. Once the client realized what had happened, he was able to weather the situation and stay sane.


There are also times when a being has moved in on a body but is not completely in control. It can act like a personality which is only evident under certain circumstances. This condition can persist for many years. In fact, the personality that is most obvious to everyone else may be the “alternate” being and strange things can happen when counseling occurs.

If you have studied the behavior of entities, you will understand that many people have spiritual entities with considerable skill who can take over the body and carry on when the person in charge is overwhelmed. You might say these entities act as co-pilots and handle situations when the pilot is indisposed. I have encountered this many times when we were handling an alternate personality situation. An entity can be anything, a complete alternate personality or a fixed idea or a persisting thought, but it is a living being and responds to auditing.

I know of two different couples who went through hell when one partner got counseling at the Church of Scientology and the alternate and highly social personality got “exorcised”. After the counseling, the partner was no longer the same social being and the relationship suffered because of the drastic change in affinity between the partners.

This kind of exorcism occurs when a being is brought to understand that he is not the original owner/operator of the body and he decides to leave.

I was not involved in the counseling that acted as an “exorcism” but I was involved in handling the upsets of the partners and this required finding out what had actually happened.

To give you this as a simple diagram: Imagine person A has been taken over by entity B at an early age and B is all that anyone has seen for many years. If B is a pleasant and intelligent being, it is a huge shock when B is accidentally exorcised and personality A emerges. In this case, someone fell in love with and married personality B and they lived happily together until B was sent to a Scientology Center to get counseling with the hopes that this would make him even more able and special.

The processing was done in such a way that personality B was caused to leave leaving a highly confused personality A to carry on with a partner who would not accept him at all.

My job as counselor was to find out what had actually happened and put the truth there in a compassionate manner so that everyone involved could find peace.


Caring auditing will bring to light any misownership problems where more than one being is trying to control a body. Handling all beings involved with compassion and full application of the counselor’s code will straighten things out.

If there is  upset to be handled, consulting with the beings involved will produce uniformly satisfying results. The client wins and so do the entities who have been thinking they were the client because their actual identities are sorted out and all upset is finally handled. With the right counseling, everybody wins.

For more information on special situations encountered in handling spiritual entities continue on to Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part 4A – Curses.

Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part 4A – Curses

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Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part Four A – Curses

voodoo-doll-dreamstime_xs_29753076Lets talk about curses…

I have had to handle curses for several clients and they can present a problem because they are so unbelievable that the affected person cannot believe that they have been under a curse.

After all, this is the 21st Century and we are not simple savages who believe that one individual can affect another with psychic powers alone.  Right?  RIGHT???

Wait until you encounter a curse that cripples you or your client and has been doing so for many years and often many lifetimes. Curses do not seem to wear out and they can follow someone down the time track for lifetime after lifetime.

Fortunately, you can dispel a curse quite easily using a simple variation of the Spiritual Rescue Technology procedure.

First of all, you need to be aware that curses exist and have done so for as long as life has existed. A curse is what someone does when they are weak and cannot defeat a superior opponent in a direct fight. Traditionally, old women specialized in curses as a means to ensure their survival or to get revenge if you overpowered them and cut their survival short. We call those women witches and smart people did not cross them.

Anyone with the proper motivation can cast a curse and have it stick to the intended target. First of all, a curse can be just another postulate along the lines of: “You will never find love!” or “Everyone will know you for the scumbag you are!” or “You will never have another day of peace!” These postulate can intend permanent deformation or dis-figuration or lasting diseases to be visited on you or your family for generations.

Highly motivated people can hurl a being or set of beings at their target with instructions to destroy the target in various innovative ways. Destroying their sex drive, crippling their body, haunting them with confusing thoughts and fears, all of these and more will be encountered if you do enough auditing.

It can be many years later and your client or you can have mysterious ailments that recur time and time again with crippling effect and nothing seems to handle the problem terminatedly. Engram running seems to help temporarily as do touch assists and other assist processes, but the trouble continues on and off for year and years.

When you are using spiritual rescue technology, and you encounter an entity that is hostile and does not respond to the usual handlings nor does he show any desire to be helped in any way, you need to look at the intention holding the being in place and you will notice that there is a command of sorts that is doing this.

The command has a different feel than a body-in-pawn type of compulsion and the entity does not seem to be attached to any other beings or control systems. You ask if there is a curse holding this being or cluster in place and you will get an antagonistic, ” YES!”

Now the difficult part begins. You or your client is going to have to confront that a harmful act was committed on someone who could not fight back. The incident usually springs right into view because the entity has been holding on to it for all time. You or the client will have to apologize for the harmful act but there is more that has to be done. The harmful act has to be described in exact detail with nothing withheld. You also have to dig up all of the justifications that were used to allow the action to occur. You will also have to dig up all of the people you hid this act and its consequences from all down the track.

You should make every effort to communicate your regrets and apology to the person you wronged. If they are not in your present life, and they may be, you need to put out a heartfelt message that you are sorry for what you have done and want to make amends.

If you go at this sincerely, you will feel the curse lift as you do this and the disability will lessen and may disappear entirely. If the disability does not lift entirely, look for another entity who is holding the disability in place or another curse.

As I said, I have handled many curses and the key to all of them was uncovering and addressing the destructive action that prompted someone to apply the curse in the first place.

I had a client who was plagued with a problem in his spine for many years although he had received medical treatment and spiritual counseling for the problem several times. We discovered he had been cursed when he accidentally disturbed an old lady when he banged on her door in a drunken rage. Spotting the incident and taking responsibility for it lifted the curse and relieved his spine condition within a few hours.

The most recent incident I handled was a man who mishandled the rental of a room and did not give the renter her money back when she changed her mind and did not move in. The renter, a woman from another country, was extremely upset with the man and he came down with a mysterious mental condition a week later which kept him in a bad way for many years. He never connected his illness with his treatment of her until we had a session. He is now showing signs of recovery for the first time in years.

When you start handling your long term destructive acts, you may find that you are able to solve some long term disabilities. Curses are real and you do not want to provoke people into casting them on you.


Recent developments have shown that there is an unlimited technique that will enable anyone using Spiritual Rescue Technology to expand their sphere of influence indefinitely. This technique does not alter how you use Spiritual Rescue Technology at all, it deals with how to apply SRT so that you can get continuing gains for as long as you care to do so.

This is covered in Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part 5 – Seeking Harmony.

Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part 5 – Seeking Harmony

If you have any questions or comments on this material, visit which allows you to ask any questions you want about SRT and allows you to examine session reports and SRT results.

Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part 5 – Seeking Harmony

Seeking harmony seems to be the technique which blows any stops on getting gains for the solo auditor and for those delivering independent auditing. Using the principle of seeking harmony allows one to expand one’s influence indefinitely. It is truly an unlimited technique because the more time you invest in using this technique, the more personal gain you will experience. some time I have been seeking a more basic goal for spiritual counseling, that activity which is also called auditing by members of the Church of Scientology. I think that goal may be harmony, in all things.

Here is a definition from

harmony – n pl -nies
1. agreement in action, opinion, feeling, etc.; accord
2. order or congruity of parts to their whole or to one another

I consider harmony as describing a desirable condition of flow with almost all parts of the flow working together.

Harmony is not a static state of repose like a quiet pool of water, but more like the motion of life passing through time. There can be modulations in the flow and even minor dissonance which may serve to add a desired texture to the flow.

I see harmony not as an absolute, but as an acceptable blending of pure harmony and just enough dissonance to make life interesting. Change creates dissonance so it should be managed to blend with the major theme of a life to make the resulting effect richer and more complex.

Achieving a state of harmony with ones past and with ones imperfections and with the spiritual beings sharing our lives is an entirely worthwhile endeavor. It also has the advantage of possible infinite duration. One can extend ones reach and bring harmony to a greater population of spiritual beings and a larger area of life as one feels the need, but one can also stop at any time and enjoy the harmony of that level.

This is a different goal than what is generally sought through auditing. Auditing seeks to remove painful memories and inhibitions and bring the person to a state of higher awareness and ability. Seeking enlightenment and exaltation through auditing or any spiritual activity is a worthwhile endeavor as it brings intense pleasure and an extended awareness and it transforms ones perspective on life. The expected result of perfectly done auditing is an ascension moment where ones abilities and perceptions make a sudden change for the better.

There is a cost for this however, because ascension moments are almost always followed by spiritual collapse because of technical factors which have been covered extensively elsewhere. Auditing done in the traditional manner seems to result in ascension moments followed by long periods of losses and eventual recovery.

From our current research, it would appear that seeking harmony and not the ascension itself may be a surer route to achieving ascensions that last. If you understand harmony and its value, you will continue to seek harmony when the ascension occurs, rather than putting the pedal to the metal and roaring off in a new trajectory which breaks with all that you have established.

An ascension seems to recover lost abilities and powers, which when exercised joyfully causes unintended changes in your relationships with others. Putting your attention on maintaining harmony will let you enjoy your ascension to the fullest while retaining all the harmony you have established up to that point.

If one were to grasp the idea of harmony in all its aspects, it should be easy to detect disharmony as it happens and take the necessary steps to restore the level of harmony desired. It gives a person a powerful tool for monitoring the quality of ones own life on a continuous basis.

If we use harmony as a guide in delivering auditing, we can easily tell when a process is ended. If we use harmony as a measure of agreement or everything being in good order, we have an easy way to detect difficulties that should be addressed.

For those who are auditing spiritual entities, having a clear understanding of what spiritual harmony is allows us to pinpoint disturbances in the “force”. There are times when a solo auditor no longer senses pains, masses or emotions but realizes that he is acting in a non optimum way. If he were to look for areas of disharmony in a space that is full of harmony, he might get a better view of what is going on.

Achieving harmony should not be the goal, because harmony is not a static state, as I said earlier, it is a dynamic condition like being alive. I think one should always be seeking to improve the harmony that one can perceive. Harmony can always be increased or decreased by an effort of will, so it is not a target, it is a direction.

Furthermore, as ones perceptions improve from successful auditing sessions, one can eventually see disharmony where previously all looked calm and perfect. Its like being able to see a need for additional work on a piece of art after improving your vision or putting on glasses.

This means that you can open up the top of your personal Bridge by using the concept of harmony as a detector of improvements you can create in your spiritual abilities.

I have run a few tests and the results are encouraging enough that I will be spending more time developing the concept of harmony and disharmony.

When a person is not doing well, it is easy for them to spot disharmonies in their lives or in their personal space even when they cannot identify the source. Once they spot the dissonance, it is an easy matter to identify the source whether it is something of theirs or something from another spiritual being.

I have also seen what happens when a preclear is happily blown out of his mind and starts examining his personal space for harmony and disharmony. He said his space looked and felt good which validated the way he felt, but he was able to spot two small areas of disharmony in his personal space and these involved entities struggling with each other. With no effort at all, he handled them quickly to a big win and lots of cognitions.

He also made some interesting suggestions about where he saw this going if it were widely applied.

A later session with another preclear showed how correct he was. The preclear was in excellent shape spiritually and when he was asked to look at the harmony in his space, he said it felt just fine but he could see some dissonance in the neighborhood surrounding his house. We look at the disturbance and tracked it down to some very upset spiritual entities which he then handled to a big win for all concerned.

If this pans out, it will open up the top of every ones spiritual ascension because it provides a smooth gradient for increasing responsibility for larger areas of life. One can stop at any point where one reaches a level of comfort, but as ones abilities increase there will be a natural impulse to expand ones area of influence as time goes on. By monitoring the level of harmony and keeping an eye out for disharmonies, one can make things better as one expands.

There are other benefits of using harmony to monitor ones life. If one joins a new group or forms a new relationship and disharmony increases significantly, one only has to look at the exact sources of disharmony to work out a solution.

Research is continuing and I am grateful for those who have volunteered to help me explore the potentials of this approach to spiritual activity.

More tools lie ahead. Follow the link below for a list of indicators that you might be affected by unhandled or unacknowledged spiritual entities.

Spiritual Rescue Technology – Appendix A

If you have any questions or comments on this material, visit which allows you to ask any questions you want about SRT and allows you to examine session reports and SRT results.

Spiritual Rescue Technology – Appendix A

How to determine if you or someone else has unhandled or unacknowledged entities little preamble is in order here. You do not have to believe any of this and should feel free to reject it or use it as you see fit. All of these observations are based on direct observations by a team of experienced spiritual counselors and clients. Most of these observations are couched in terms of your personal experience, but you will see these manifestations in other people like your family members, friends, coworkers, and in elected officials, to name a few.

Your behavior can be affected by your own painful experiences and decisions but your behavior CAN ALSO BE AFFECTED by the painful experiences and decisions of the spiritual beings who are associated and attached to you. If you are clear or have the abilities of a clear, you have probably run out your significant engrams and what you experience are the painful memories of the entities who surround you.

It has been observed that developing a working relationship with these entities produces a happier existence for all concerned. Every being who has not been acknowledged is probably opposing your actions constantly. Every being whose painful experiences are being restimulated by what you do in life is causing YOU to experience the attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains of these experiences as your own and this is called misownership. (A spiritual being is experiencing torment and you experience it as though it were your own.)

Their effect is so pronounced that handling one entity can change a persons life forever. I see this in session after session and I would like you to experience this for yourselves on a continuing  basis.This list describes some sixty-odd indications that you may have some unhandled or unacknowledged entities. There are many more, but this should give you a good start. There are additional comments at the end which will help you get started handling your relationship with these entities.

Warning! – This is a “Hot” list and is not for casual reading

If you or your client get significant reactions to this list, DO NOT keep reading to see if you can get more reactions. You should follow this procedure to get best results:

This list should be run as follows: Starting anywhere on the list, read down the list and take up the very first example that indicates to you or the person you are counseling. Find the entity that is reacting to the list, handle him and bring him to present time. End session and enjoy your win.

When you are ready, start down the list again until you find another example that indicates. Spot the entity, handle him and bring him to present time and take a break and enjoy your win.

You can do this over and over whenever you feel that there might be something to handle. Handling only the entities that are awake and communicating makes auditing a much simpler and gentler activity.

Signs of unhandled or unacknowledged spiritual entities:

The indicators are grouped by function.


A. You have occasional thoughts of committing suicide.

B. You feel overwhelmed and surrounded by confusion.

C. You have disgusting thoughts that you repress and you are unable to shake them off permanently.

D. You are occasionally attacked by bouts of “beautiful sadness” when reading a book or watching a movie.

E. You have incredibly choreographed dreams with settings that reoccur frequently. You can wake up to go to the bathroom and then the dream will resume where you left off.

F. There are things you have done in this lifetime that are so gross that you have never been able to share them with ANYBODY, even your most trusted auditor. You have never figured out how you could have been so stupid or debased to have done what you did. (You had help)

G. Being paranoid with no observable enemies

H. You have a question but too afraid to ask for fear of appearing stupid, or you wait till some one else asks so as to ‘not appear stupid’

I. You take tremendous satisfaction in exposing a clueless person attacking an observable phenomenon. You may get a strong message of, “Take that! You stupid bastard!” when it happens.

J. Insistence on being right (Remember that most of these entities are trying to protect you. )

K. A fixed or stuck mood level that does not resolve when addressed.

L. Recurring moods of feeling “undeserving” and “unworthy”.

M. Whining or grumpy OTs or any “guru” types who assert their spiritual superiority.

Anyone who is whiny is a possible suspect for “enemy” entity action but many of these people have their own past destructive actions and withholds going into restimulation so heavily that entities are just minor participants.

N. A Messiah Complex.

O. Periods when you have extremely destructive thoughts about someone or something and you toy with various ways to kill them or utterly destroy them.


A. You can’t seem to finish cycles of action. You pick up the car keys and head for the garage and find yourself reading old magazines in the attic. You start to pay the bills and end up watching “Once upon a Time” with no bills paid.

B. You are easily distracted. You start a sentence and lose track of where you were going.

C. The person you are talking to or counseling changes personality during the conversation.

D. The person really has difficulty knowing who he is. He may have a sense that he is parked somewhere watching all of this go on.

E. The person interrupts himself with non sequitur statements or phrases during normal conversation.

F. The person fidgets intermittently or their body jerks and it can’t be brought under control

G. What is commonly called Attention Deficit Disorder. ADD would be resulting from too many entities trying to run the person.

H. Commonly using the wrong word, such as ‘think instead of thing’

I. Having a persistent “stammer”.

J. Doing and saying crazy things and then wonder where in the world that come from.

K. “Veering disease”. Intending or attempting to do things but veering off and not accomplishing them.


A. You CONSTANTLY talk to yourself when working on something like cooking or puttering in the shop.

B. You talk to yourself about things that you already know.
Next time you find yourself saying,”OK, now the bills, OK, now to get a sandwich, OK, I should call that client, OK… Look around you and see who is listening or is giving you the script to say.

C. You find yourself drawn to certain people with an unbreakable sense of attraction. This is far more than simple admiration, it is a real compulsion. and you seem powerless to resist it.

D. You desire a substance and the desire is irresistible when you let down your guard. The substance could be coffee, chocolate, booze, cigarettes, and other drugs of every sort, the possibilities are endless but the manifestation is the same. You do not consider it an addiction but your attraction gets justified and you do it for years regardless of the effect on your health.

E. Your desire for sex is so strong it interferes with your social and family commitments. You struggle with it for years and pray and whatnot with no real change in the compulsion.

F. Your sexual urges cause you to desire and do antisocial acts, no matter how hard you try to resist it.

G. You are picking at body parts compulsively. This can include biting fingernails, scratching oneself habitually, picking one’s nose, etc.

H. Random grimacing when there is nothing occurring in the environment.

I. The person goes into a hypnotic state when facing a TV screen. Will watch almost anything on the tube for hours, even if this person avoids TV for the most part.

J. The songs that won’t stop playing in your head. This can include ones that one makes up and then constantly repeats involuntarily.

K. A compulsion to eat certain foods.

L. Finding yourself doing crazy things and wondering WTF!!

M. A compulsion to be part of a group. Not just a desire to lead or be a member, but a compulsion so strong that it makes you subjugate your other dynamics in order to be accepted in the group.

N. Decorating the body with extensive tattoos or inserted pieces of metal or bone.
This is an example:
and this is another example:

Celebrating your visit to Tijuana or your first gang victory or sexual conquest may be entity inspired or just plain youthful spirits. Making your face into a skull or a fruit salad is a continuing compulsion and I would expect that a brief conversation with the person doing it would reveal a number of clues that entities are running this individual.

O. Religious zeal or mania. Some examples are: Street corner evangelists, bible thumpers, people at your door preaching salvation.


A. Extreme reaction to perfumes or odors of any kind that others do not find repugnant.

B. Extreme reactions to certain foods when there is no this lifetime exposure to the food.

C. Fear of certain animals when there is no prior contact with that kind of animal.

D. Extreme fear of spiders, snakes, etc., this is not just a dislike, but a fear that prevents one from dealing with them.

E. Fear of  heights, of caves, of being buried when there is no history of bad experiences of that type.

F. Fear of certain types and races of people when there is no prior contact with them.


A. You have recurring sensations and pains that turn on and off and continue this pattern for years. You wonder why all of your Dianetic auditing did not handle these engrams.

B. You feel a pressure on your face that comes and goes when you have to confront something that is not pleasant.

C. While you were reading this list, an invisible force field surrounded your head and exerted pressure on it or any other physical manifestation that occurs while reading this list.

D. You have persisting or recurring body problems that do not surrender to proper medical care and a healthy lifestyle


A. You are a top performer in your group or your job and yet people do not seem to appreciate you or acknowledge you. You get the feeling that everyone is out to get you and you job experiences and life experiences bear this out. You feel like you are operating under a curse.

B. There are people in your daily life that seem to give you grief for no reason and you find yourself unable to deal with them although other people can do the same things and you will blast them away.

C. You keep committing harmful acts on yourself and on others.

D. The person speaks and acts in an exaggerated manner as though playing a part.

E. The person is degraded and unclean. It feels to you as though there is nobody home.

F. The person speaks in the third person. i.e., Mavis keeps saying “Mavis says”.

G. You may have difficulty knowing who you really are. You may may have a sense that you are parked somewhere watching all of this go on.

H. The person launches into the same story again and again with no recollection that it was told before.

I. The person is able to rattle off facts in great detail with no evidence of ever using them. The guy may be able to tell you the page and paragraph where the information is located, but does not show signs of having absorbed it for use

J. Having dreams that come true, especially when the physical manifestation is in a place you have never been. Even more intriguing is when a dream comes to pass in a place you have never been, in a form that only you can perceive such as entities taking the form of trees and speaking to you. And it all happens EXACTLY as in the dream.


A. You hear your voice reading to you when you read a book. If you try to read real fast, it either stops you or loses track and you get confused.

B. When you think some casual thought like “I should take the tomatoes out of the fridge”, your mental voice says the thought along with you.

C. You occasionally hear your name spoken and you are all alone with no one around.

D. When you read this list you hear yourself or somebody saying “Fucking Hell” also “Oh my God” or “For God’s Sake, Help Me”. Another one is “Oh Dear!” These reactions are commonly triggered by entities going “Holy Crap! They are on to us.”

E. The phenomenon of “mind chatter” is a classic symptom of live entities “carrying on”. You or your client may not perceive this as separate voices but you are aware that something is being said.

F. Seeing things that are not there, or that are not visible to others. Trees transforming into people and addressing the person. People and animals appearing and then they are gone. Minor shit like that.

G. Deja Vu’s… Too many of them. Sometimes repetitive.

H. there will be some sort of very audible noise, usually some sort of snap in the walls or ceiling a fraction of a second after waking. There will be a noise accompanying being jerked out of a dream that felt like a deja vu. As if there were a presence in the room that had the intention for me NOT to have that dream experience.

I. If you get any of these reactions on reading this list, either immediately or afterwards:

I.1 This information is dangerous and must be suppressed

I.2 I can use this to secure a competitive advantage in selling my services or product

I.3 With this data, I can control….

I.4 This group must not be allowed to…use this recklessly…benefit from this knowledge…post this information elsewhere…

I.5 Dreaming of scenarios involving “misuse” of this data

I.6 Fear of the results from having this data widely understood and used

J. Discovering a behavior that indicates entity interference in your life and SUDDENLY feeling it is not important and should be ignored.
K. If you ‘see’ futures as random thoughts or dreams that you would NOT like to experience. Entities can and will create futures that oppose what you would create for yourself. Going into agreement with their projected images is a sure way to bring about undesirable futures.

L. Frequently thinking “What shall I do” ? “What should I do”


A. Teleportation, things appearing, or disappearing

B. Spontaneous disruption of communications, especially Skype. The is like the familiar Poltergeist phenomenon.

C. Things breaking unexpectedly at a moment of crises.

D. Pictures falling off walls at the exact moment bad news occurs.


A. Someone who insists the items on this list area are all completely delusional as there are no such things as body thetans or spiritual entities.


This list was created through the efforts of many people but the names of the other contributors are kept confidential to protect them from uncomfortable questions from their friends and family. Questions like,”How could you say that about me?” and so forth. Their help was essential and is much appreciated.

What happens when you actually understand this list and catch yourself doing one of them is that you go, “That’s an entity!”.  Spotting that an entity is involved puts you in charge. You can let the entity do things for you but you will be more at cause.

Acknowledging an entity while he is at work can snap him out of the pattern he is stuck in. The entity is going, “Oh my! I gotta stop him from doing that and changing everything!” and you go, “I GOT THAT” ” THANK YOU” …..and there is this burst of surprise and your entity may just wake up and get out of there in a hurry. If he doesn’t leave, he will be much more likely to initiate a conversation with you.

If you see someone else doing any of the 60 odd things in the current list, you may realize how much of other peoples lives are run by entities.

If any of these points listed above indicated to you, see if you can get in communication with the entities involved. A short session of spiritual rescue technology and you and your entities will both feel much better.

Many entities are simply trying to create any effect at all as proof to themselves that they exist. Our experience has been that spotting entities and acknowledging their presence (without acknowledging their disruptive action) is sufficient to bring them the reassurance they are seeking. Sometimes just acknowledging an entity who is acting up is enough to bring calm and stability. Some are merely looking for some validation.

In interpersonal relationships, harmony and cooperation can be significantly enhanced by spotting and silently acknowledging the ‘hidden’ entities that are making your relationship something less than optimum.

As you explore the world of entities and our relationship with them, you may realize that living is not all about us but includes the entities who are associated with us in a vast network of interconnectedness and co-creativity.

Remember I said in the beginning that you did not have to believe this and could reject any or all of it. The real test of any of these indicators is whether pulling a string with some friendly communication reveals active entity control of the person.

An early researcher in this field, Alan C Walter, said these words of wisdom:

“Quite often a spiritual teammate or spiritual team will take a being over. This especially occurs in childhood or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and causes the person to do things they didn’t want to do and behave in ways they didn’t want to behave. This causes tremendous loss in self-respect and self-image.

The end product is, your spiritual teammates or spiritual team are no longer trapped in the past and, with their help acknowledged and appreciated, they are free to help you.”

What should you do next? If you have not done so, I suggest that you start reading what has been gathered here for you on this site. This overview of the Spiritual Rescue Technology is the best place to begin:


If you have studied the material on this website, I encourage you to start solo sessions as soon as you feel confident that you understand the material. Use this list as a starting point if you have not already picked a subject to explore.

If you feel you need a few coaching sessions, contact me at and I will be happy to get you started on your adventure.  My standard rates apply. If you feel you need a little case cleanup before you embark on a solo session, I do those also and it takes very little time.

If you wish to  become a working member of the group that is working on this and similar projects check out this link:

The Counselor’s Code – Spiritual Rescue Technology Version

I hereby promise as a Spiritual Rescue Technology Practitioner to follow the Counselor’s Code as it is written here.

1. I promise to deliver Spiritual Rescue Technology only to clients who are ready for this technology and will benefit from it.
2. I will make every effort to meet my clients expectations.
3. I will promise only those results I can reasonably expect to deliver.
4. I promise not to tell the client what he should think about his spiritual or mental state in or out of session.
5. I promise not to make less of the client’s spiritual or mental state or gains in or out of session.
6. I promise to keep all counseling appointments once made.
7. I promise not to process a client who has not had sufficient rest and who is physically tired.
8. I promise not to process a client who is improperly fed or hungry.
9. I promise never to abandon a client in session.
10. I promise never to get angry with a client in session.
11. I promise to run every major spiritual counseling action to a satisfactory resolution.
12. I promise to recognize the importance of the client  and his spiritual entities in session and in all my dealings with him.
13. I promise not to enter comments, expressions or any disturbance into a session that could distract a client or his spiritual entities from addressing their spiritual or mental concerns.
13.A I promise to accept whatever the client or his spiritual entities says without expressing doubt, or trying to get them to reframe their statements to something I can accept. When the client or his entities originate a realization or answer a question, I will acknowledge that I have heard it and acknowledge it with out altering it in any way.
14. I promise never to use the secrets of a client divulged in or out of session for any purpose other than to apply the correct process for achieving spiritual gain.
15. I promise not to advocate spiritual counseling as a cure for illness or insanity, knowing well that mitigation is possible only if the client truly wants to get well and is willing to accept spiritual assistance and is willing to accept the spiritual assistance as complementary to any existing medical treatment they may be receiving.
16. I promise to safeguard the ethical use and practice of Spiritual Rescue Technology.

This counselor’s code is an integral part of every Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling agreement.

David St Lawrence