Spiritual Rescue Technology – Appendix A

How to determine if you or someone else has unhandled or unacknowledged entities

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-beings-image22716050A little preamble is in order here. You do not have to believe any of this and should feel free to reject it or use it as you see fit. All of these observations are based on direct observations by a team of experienced spiritual counselors and clients. Most of these observations are couched in terms of your personal experience, but you will see these manifestations in other people like your family members, friends, coworkers, and in elected officials, to name a few.

Your behavior can be affected by your own painful experiences and decisions but your behavior CAN ALSO BE AFFECTED by the painful experiences and decisions of the spiritual beings who are associated and attached to you. If you are clear or have the abilities of a clear, you have probably run out your significant engrams and what you experience are the painful memories of the entities who surround you.

It has been observed that developing a working relationship with these entities produces a happier existence for all concerned. Every being who has not been acknowledged is probably opposing your actions constantly. Every being whose painful experiences are being restimulated by what you do in life is causing YOU to experience the attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains of these experiences as your own and this is called misownership. (A spiritual being is experiencing torment and you experience it as though it were your own.)

Their effect is so pronounced that handling one entity can change a persons life forever. I see this in session after session and I would like you to experience this for yourselves on a continuing  basis.This list describes some sixty-odd indications that you may have some unhandled or unacknowledged entities. There are many more, but this should give you a good start. There are additional comments at the end which will help you get started handling your relationship with these entities.

Warning! – This is a “Hot” list and is not for casual reading

If you or your client get significant reactions to this list, DO NOT keep reading to see if you can get more reactions. You should follow this procedure to get best results:

This list should be run as follows: Starting anywhere on the list, read down the list and take up the very first example that indicates to you or the person you are counseling. Find the entity that is reacting to the list, handle him and bring him to present time. End session and enjoy your win.

When you are ready, start down the list again until you find another example that indicates. Spot the entity, handle him and bring him to present time and take a break and enjoy your win.

You can do this over and over whenever you feel that there might be something to handle. Handling only the entities that are awake and communicating makes auditing a much simpler and gentler activity.

Signs of unhandled or unacknowledged spiritual entities:

The indicators are grouped by function.


A. You have occasional thoughts of committing suicide.

B. You feel overwhelmed and surrounded by confusion.

C. You have disgusting thoughts that you repress and you are unable to shake them off permanently.

D. You are occasionally attacked by bouts of “beautiful sadness” when reading a book or watching a movie.

E. You have incredibly choreographed dreams with settings that reoccur frequently. You can wake up to go to the bathroom and then the dream will resume where you left off.

F. There are things you have done in this lifetime that are so gross that you have never been able to share them with ANYBODY, even your most trusted auditor. You have never figured out how you could have been so stupid or debased to have done what you did. (You had help)

G. Being paranoid with no observable enemies

H. You have a question but too afraid to ask for fear of appearing stupid, or you wait till some one else asks so as to ‘not appear stupid’

I. You take tremendous satisfaction in exposing a clueless person attacking an observable phenomenon. You may get a strong message of, “Take that! You stupid bastard!” when it happens.

J. Insistence on being right (Remember that most of these entities are trying to protect you. )

K. A fixed or stuck mood level that does not resolve when addressed.

L. Recurring moods of feeling “undeserving” and “unworthy”.

M. Whining or grumpy OTs or any “guru” types who assert their spiritual superiority.

Anyone who is whiny is a possible suspect for “enemy” entity action but many of these people have their own past destructive actions and withholds going into restimulation so heavily that entities are just minor participants.

N. A Messiah Complex.

O. Periods when you have extremely destructive thoughts about someone or something and you toy with various ways to kill them or utterly destroy them.


A. You can’t seem to finish cycles of action. You pick up the car keys and head for the garage and find yourself reading old magazines in the attic. You start to pay the bills and end up watching “Once upon a Time” with no bills paid.

B. You are easily distracted. You start a sentence and lose track of where you were going.

C. The person you are talking to or counseling changes personality during the conversation.

D. The person really has difficulty knowing who he is. He may have a sense that he is parked somewhere watching all of this go on.

E. The person interrupts himself with non sequitur statements or phrases during normal conversation.

F. The person fidgets intermittently or their body jerks and it can’t be brought under control

G. What is commonly called Attention Deficit Disorder. ADD would be resulting from too many entities trying to run the person.

H. Commonly using the wrong word, such as ‘think instead of thing’

I. Having a persistent “stammer”.

J. Doing and saying crazy things and then wonder where in the world that come from.

K. “Veering disease”. Intending or attempting to do things but veering off and not accomplishing them.


A. You CONSTANTLY talk to yourself when working on something like cooking or puttering in the shop.

B. You talk to yourself about things that you already know.
Next time you find yourself saying,”OK, now the bills, OK, now to get a sandwich, OK, I should call that client, OK… Look around you and see who is listening or is giving you the script to say.

C. You find yourself drawn to certain people with an unbreakable sense of attraction. This is far more than simple admiration, it is a real compulsion. and you seem powerless to resist it.

D. You desire a substance and the desire is irresistible when you let down your guard. The substance could be coffee, chocolate, booze, cigarettes, and other drugs of every sort, the possibilities are endless but the manifestation is the same. You do not consider it an addiction but your attraction gets justified and you do it for years regardless of the effect on your health.

E. Your desire for sex is so strong it interferes with your social and family commitments. You struggle with it for years and pray and whatnot with no real change in the compulsion.

F. Your sexual urges cause you to desire and do antisocial acts, no matter how hard you try to resist it.

G. You are picking at body parts compulsively. This can include biting fingernails, scratching oneself habitually, picking one’s nose, etc.

H. Random grimacing when there is nothing occurring in the environment.

I. The person goes into a hypnotic state when facing a TV screen. Will watch almost anything on the tube for hours, even if this person avoids TV for the most part.

J. The songs that won’t stop playing in your head. This can include ones that one makes up and then constantly repeats involuntarily.

K. A compulsion to eat certain foods.

L. Finding yourself doing crazy things and wondering WTF!!

M. A compulsion to be part of a group. Not just a desire to lead or be a member, but a compulsion so strong that it makes you subjugate your other dynamics in order to be accepted in the group.

N. Decorating the body with extensive tattoos or inserted pieces of metal or bone.
This is an example: http://tinyurl.com/jvw3s52
and this is another example: http://tinyurl.com/lxkc7k8

Celebrating your visit to Tijuana or your first gang victory or sexual conquest may be entity inspired or just plain youthful spirits. Making your face into a skull or a fruit salad is a continuing compulsion and I would expect that a brief conversation with the person doing it would reveal a number of clues that entities are running this individual.

O. Religious zeal or mania. Some examples are: Street corner evangelists, bible thumpers, people at your door preaching salvation.


A. Extreme reaction to perfumes or odors of any kind that others do not find repugnant.

B. Extreme reactions to certain foods when there is no this lifetime exposure to the food.

C. Fear of certain animals when there is no prior contact with that kind of animal.

D. Extreme fear of spiders, snakes, etc., this is not just a dislike, but a fear that prevents one from dealing with them.

E. Fear of  heights, of caves, of being buried when there is no history of bad experiences of that type.

F. Fear of certain types and races of people when there is no prior contact with them.


A. You have recurring sensations and pains that turn on and off and continue this pattern for years. You wonder why all of your Dianetic auditing did not handle these engrams.

B. You feel a pressure on your face that comes and goes when you have to confront something that is not pleasant.

C. While you were reading this list, an invisible force field surrounded your head and exerted pressure on it or any other physical manifestation that occurs while reading this list.

D. You have persisting or recurring body problems that do not surrender to proper medical care and a healthy lifestyle


A. You are a top performer in your group or your job and yet people do not seem to appreciate you or acknowledge you. You get the feeling that everyone is out to get you and you job experiences and life experiences bear this out. You feel like you are operating under a curse.

B. There are people in your daily life that seem to give you grief for no reason and you find yourself unable to deal with them although other people can do the same things and you will blast them away.

C. You keep committing harmful acts on yourself and on others.

D. The person speaks and acts in an exaggerated manner as though playing a part.

E. The person is degraded and unclean. It feels to you as though there is nobody home.

F. The person speaks in the third person. i.e., Mavis keeps saying “Mavis says”.

G. You may have difficulty knowing who you really are. You may may have a sense that you are parked somewhere watching all of this go on.

H. The person launches into the same story again and again with no recollection that it was told before.

I. The person is able to rattle off facts in great detail with no evidence of ever using them. The guy may be able to tell you the page and paragraph where the information is located, but does not show signs of having absorbed it for use

J. Having dreams that come true, especially when the physical manifestation is in a place you have never been. Even more intriguing is when a dream comes to pass in a place you have never been, in a form that only you can perceive such as entities taking the form of trees and speaking to you. And it all happens EXACTLY as in the dream.


A. You hear your voice reading to you when you read a book. If you try to read real fast, it either stops you or loses track and you get confused.

B. When you think some casual thought like “I should take the tomatoes out of the fridge”, your mental voice says the thought along with you.

C. You occasionally hear your name spoken and you are all alone with no one around.

D. When you read this list you hear yourself or somebody saying “Fucking Hell” also “Oh my God” or “For God’s Sake, Help Me”. Another one is “Oh Dear!” These reactions are commonly triggered by entities going “Holy Crap! They are on to us.”

E. The phenomenon of “mind chatter” is a classic symptom of live entities “carrying on”. You or your client may not perceive this as separate voices but you are aware that something is being said.

F. Seeing things that are not there, or that are not visible to others. Trees transforming into people and addressing the person. People and animals appearing and then they are gone. Minor shit like that.

G. Deja Vu’s… Too many of them. Sometimes repetitive.

H. there will be some sort of very audible noise, usually some sort of snap in the walls or ceiling a fraction of a second after waking. There will be a noise accompanying being jerked out of a dream that felt like a deja vu. As if there were a presence in the room that had the intention for me NOT to have that dream experience.

I. If you get any of these reactions on reading this list, either immediately or afterwards:

I.1 This information is dangerous and must be suppressed

I.2 I can use this to secure a competitive advantage in selling my services or product

I.3 With this data, I can control….

I.4 This group must not be allowed to…use this recklessly…benefit from this knowledge…post this information elsewhere…

I.5 Dreaming of scenarios involving “misuse” of this data

I.6 Fear of the results from having this data widely understood and used

J. Discovering a behavior that indicates entity interference in your life and SUDDENLY feeling it is not important and should be ignored.
K. If you ‘see’ futures as random thoughts or dreams that you would NOT like to experience. Entities can and will create futures that oppose what you would create for yourself. Going into agreement with their projected images is a sure way to bring about undesirable futures.

L. Frequently thinking “What shall I do” ? “What should I do”


A. Teleportation, things appearing, or disappearing

B. Spontaneous disruption of communications, especially Skype. The is like the familiar Poltergeist phenomenon.

C. Things breaking unexpectedly at a moment of crises.

D. Pictures falling off walls at the exact moment bad news occurs.


A. Someone who insists the items on this list area are all completely delusional as there are no such things as body thetans or spiritual entities.


This list was created through the efforts of many people but the names of the other contributors are kept confidential to protect them from uncomfortable questions from their friends and family. Questions like,”How could you say that about me?” and so forth. Their help was essential and is much appreciated.

What happens when you actually understand this list and catch yourself doing one of them is that you go, “That’s an entity!”.  Spotting that an entity is involved puts you in charge. You can let the entity do things for you but you will be more at cause.

Acknowledging an entity while he is at work can snap him out of the pattern he is stuck in. The entity is going, “Oh my! I gotta stop him from doing that and changing everything!” and you go, “I GOT THAT” ” THANK YOU” …..and there is this burst of surprise and your entity may just wake up and get out of there in a hurry. If he doesn’t leave, he will be much more likely to initiate a conversation with you.

If you see someone else doing any of the 60 odd things in the current list, you may realize how much of other peoples lives are run by entities.

If any of these points listed above indicated to you, see if you can get in communication with the entities involved. A short session of spiritual rescue technology and you and your entities will both feel much better.

Many entities are simply trying to create any effect at all as proof to themselves that they exist. Our experience has been that spotting entities and acknowledging their presence (without acknowledging their disruptive action) is sufficient to bring them the reassurance they are seeking. Sometimes just acknowledging an entity who is acting up is enough to bring calm and stability. Some are merely looking for some validation.

In interpersonal relationships, harmony and cooperation can be significantly enhanced by spotting and silently acknowledging the ‘hidden’ entities that are making your relationship something less than optimum.

As you explore the world of entities and our relationship with them, you may realize that living is not all about us but includes the entities who are associated with us in a vast network of interconnectedness and co-creativity.

Remember I said in the beginning that you did not have to believe this and could reject any or all of it. The real test of any of these indicators is whether pulling a string with some friendly communication reveals active entity control of the person.

An early researcher in this field, Alan C Walter, said these words of wisdom:

“Quite often a spiritual teammate or spiritual team will take a being over. This especially occurs in childhood or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and causes the person to do things they didn’t want to do and behave in ways they didn’t want to behave. This causes tremendous loss in self-respect and self-image.

The end product is, your spiritual teammates or spiritual team are no longer trapped in the past and, with their help acknowledged and appreciated, they are free to help you.”

What should you do next? If you have not done so, I suggest that you start reading what has been gathered here for you on this site. This overview of the Spiritual Rescue Technology is the best place to begin:  http://spiritual-rescue-technology.com/?p=9


If you have studied the material on this website, I encourage you to start solo sessions as soon as you feel confident that you understand the material. Use this list as a starting point if you have not already picked a subject to explore.

If you feel you need a few coaching sessions, contact me at oldauditor@possiblyhelpfuladvice.com and I will be happy to get you started on your adventure.  My standard rates apply. If you feel you need a little case cleanup before you embark on a solo session, I do those also and it takes very little time.

If you wish to  become a working member of the group that is working on this and similar projects check out this link:


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