Spiritual Rescue Technology Explained – Part One

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-jumping-image19368911This is an ongoing project in creating a complete Do-It-Yourself guide to locating and helping distressed spiritual beings through application of Spiritual Rescue Technology. (We will designate Spiritual Rescue Technology by the acronym SRT throughout this document)

The term spiritual beings refers to spiritual entities of all kinds: spirit guides, demons, circuits, ghosts, poltergeists, personal angels and spiritual teammates. Their different behaviors have caused them to be called by different names but they are all spiritual beings and can be addressed in the same way, as you will see.

We are surrounded by spiritual beings and most are trying to be helpful. You will discover this in your very early sessions using this technology.

On the other hand, you will also encounter some spiritual beings who have painful memories which they are constantly reliving. This can be a serious problem for you because you will normally not be able to distinguish their thoughts and emotions from your own.

Many people have found that their free floating anxieties and bouts of depression or guilt lifted miraculously once they got in communication with the disturbed spiritual beings that were generating these emotions and disturbing thoughts.

I make no claims that Spiritual Rescue Technology is the only way to rehabilitate spiritual beings. I can only state that these tips represent field-tested ways to identifying, contacting and rehabilitating these beings in a very short time with no additional training other than the sessions I deliver to get people started.

I am posting this Spiritual Rescue Tech as a public service so any interested person can see how simple it is to get in communication with their spiritual beings when they are ready. Other practitioners may find this useful and are welcome to use it as they see fit.


For the sake of clarity, let us define the terms used and the players involved in contacting and handling spiritual beings (entities):

SPIRITUAL BEING: A living spiritual being, generally without a body. It has volition, memory, goals, painful memories and all of the complexities of any spiritual being. It can present itself as anything from a thought or a complete personality to a pain or a full blown illness. A spiritual being (or entity) is the general name we use in Spiritual Rescue Tech to identify a spiritual entity of any kind whether a ghost, a spirit guide, an angel, a mental circuit, or a demon. This is what Scientology calls a body thetan. These are all different names for a spiritual being that does not have a body but may have possessed and controlled one. When fully recovered, these beings can and will pick up new bodies and carry on in a new life.

SPIRITUAL RESCUE TECHNOLOGY (Spiritual Rescue Technology or SRT):

SRT is performed with the Counselors Code fully in mind so that spiritual beings are treated the same as any other counseling client. They are disembodied, but they are truly living beings with intelligence and purposes and even a sense of humor at times.

SRT is used to unstick spiritual entities from the memories and painful incidents they are stuck in and get them to self-determinedly participate in life again. These painful incidents act as hypnotic suggestions and are called “engrams” in Scientology technology.

Spiritual Rescue Technology processing can be performed by a client  as a solo action or with an SRT practitioner supervising and coaching the client as he contacts and handles spiritual entities.

SOLO PROCESSING means handling spiritual entities with SRT without the supervision of a practitioner. It is similar to flying solo in a plane and can be done successfully after receiving enough sessions from a trained SRT practitioner. Many clients will run SRT solo for extended periods and then get a session from me to brush up on techniques or to handle difficult and complex situations.

There is no limit to the amount of support that a solo client can request and he can get it whenever he needs it at the standard session rate. In this way, a Solo Client is able to do extended amounts of spiritual rescue actions on a limited budget.

SRT processing can be performed with or without a GSR meter. When counseling someone else, a meter provides information on what is occurring with the client and his spiritual entities. Solo SRT processing can be performed with excellent results without a meter after a little practice.

GSR Meter: A type of psycho-galvanometer. This serves to point out to the practitioner those emotionally “charged” topics which pass through the subject’s mind, either consciously or pre-consciously. There are many different types of GSR meters available but we have found that solo processing can be done quite well without one in most cases.

SRT PRACTITIONER: The person who manages the rescue activity by coaching the client through the steps of identifying, contacting and rehabilitating spiritual entities.

CLIENT: This is the person who receives SRT counseling and later performs as a solo client when he has attained sufficient training and confidence to do so. He may be referred to as the SOLO CLIENT for clarity when discussing solo SRT procedures.


Let’s review some basic principles first. If these are not in place, dealing with spiritual entities can be very frustrating and the results will be disappointing.

–You are dealing with living beings and any effort to depersonalize them will make communicating with them almost impossible. Spiritual entities are intelligent and many have been with you for years, so they know what you know but they may never have been able to contact you. This lack of communication can make the spiritual entities irascible all by themselves, so approaching the spiritual entities in a confrontational or oppositional manner may make it even harder to work with them and rescue them from whatever painful memories they are still carrying around. They can also have a sense of humor which can be quite biting and sarcastic at first. Even so, most of them are actually trying to help in some way and I will cover that in detail further on.

–These beings have painful memories (engrams) that are reactivated when you interact with the physical universe and the people you deal with. These painful memories get activated and then go dormant which is why you have thoughts and emotions which seem to come and go randomly even when you cannot see any possible reason. These memories are not yours so they do not surrender to most other therapies or even to mood altering drugs.

–These spiritual being memories are mental image pictures which contain attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains and YOU experience these attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains AS THOUGH THEY WERE YOUR OWN.

Experienced SR Tech practitioners and clients can see the mental image pictures that the spiritual beings project.

–You become the effect of their painful memories through the mechanism of MISOWNERSHIP. You experience the painful memory of a spiritual being and you misidentify it as your own. These painful memories can include attitudes, emotions, sensations or pains. As soon as you spot that the painful memory isn’t yours, the attitude, emotion, sensation or pain is immediately reduced and may even disappear entirely. When the bad effect disappears as the entity is being spotted, we call that “blowing by inspection”. An experienced Solo Client is able to blow a negative attitude, emotion, sensation or pain by inspection whenever he or she chooses. This occurs after the client has had enough sessions with a Spiritual Rescue Tech Practitioner.

–Some spiritual entities used to have physical bodies, others did not. Spiritual entities are living beings that can present themselves as anything at all: As pains, evil thoughts, warning messages, voices in your head, thoughts that randomly pop up when least expected and a thousand other manifestations that can interfere with your life. Not to worry however, the solution is pretty standard: The Client or Solo Client gets in communication with the spiritual entity, rescues him from his painful memories and bring him up to present time.

–Spiritual entities can be found as individual beings or clustered together, thinking they’re a single being. This should be determined when they are first contacted because the initial handlings for each situation have different steps. The final objective is always the same: to bring the spiritual beings to present time and out of the incidents or memories they are stuck in.

–The optimum handling of all spiritual entities is to bring them to present time using friendly and compassionate communication and then let them decide whether they wish to stay and help or wish to be off and about their business. They are really quite handy when their purposes are aligned with yours and this will be explained at a later point.

–In Session means: Interested in what is happening to themselves and willing to talk to the practitioner. This applies to clients and to spiritual entities as well. If you are a practitioner planning on helping a client or rescuing spiritual entities, you must be willing and able to put your client and his spiritual entities at ease and willing to communicate with you. The client must develop the same ability if he hopes to put his spiritual entities in session.

–All communication with spiritual entities is done mentally. You direct your thoughts toward a specific area in space with an intention to reach the being that is there. You do not have to form sentences, a simple concept will do the job nicely. After you have asked a question such as “who are you?”, you may get a single word response or you may get a burst of concepts that will take you several minutes to digest. Make sure you acknowledge every response or origination by an entity.

–If you wish to rescue spiritual entities, you must be willing to treat them as you would treat any other person by making them know they are important in your eyes. If you try to help anyone while treating him or her as a tedious job to be done, you are not making them feel important. You are invalidating them and their worth as beings. If you treat every spiritual entity as an important living being and possible future friend, you will find that your sessions will go very smoothly.


-You must follow the Spiritual Counselor’s Code when dealing with spiritual entities. This is a code that has been written for the benefit of the client and his spiritual entities instead of for the benefit of the practitioner or any organization.

–If you are in pain or out of sorts because of what a spiritual being is doing, I suggest you meditate or just sit quietly and calm yourself before beginning session. You must be calm and focused if you expect to handle spiritual entities successfully.

-If you are looking for spiritual entities to get rid of them, I suggest you re-read the earlier parts of these basics until you understand why that purpose is counter productive. If you cannot abandon the idea that getting rid of spiritual entities is your highest priority, I suggest that you get sessions from a SR Tech practitioner until you understand the importance of working constructively with your spiritual entities.

Destructive intentions in sessions can have serious effects on your body and your general health. Upset spiritual entities can cause all sorts of serious health problems.

– Smooth handling of spiritual entities with your Spiritual Counselor’s Code fully in place will produce hours of winning sessions that will not require any repairs by a practitioner. You will experience life-changing wins in almost every session because you are handling the hidden factors that control your behavior and limit your abilities.

–Acknowledgment is extremely important for every answer or origination by an entity, possibly because they have been unacknowledged or made nothing of for so long. A natural and easy communication cycle with the right amount of attention and intention will go a long way toward putting the spiritual entities at ease. All you have to remember is that Spiritual Rescue Technology gives you the tools to perform a rescue mission, not a search-and-destroy mission.


If your basics are in, this becomes an entertaining challenge because your mission is to contact spiritual entities which are experiencing difficulty and to bring them to present time. If you were to think of this as a rescue mission, it should put you in the proper frame of mind to succeed every time.

In most cases, the rescue can be accomplished in one session. We are looking for spiritual entities that are affecting the clients mood, behavior, attitude, health, whatever. Spiritual entities that are disturbed are a common cause of body pains. If the client is experiencing aches and pains that do not reduce with rest and normal medical treatment, it is prudent to investigate the area and see if there are energy masses or spiritual entities with attention on the area.

We can find spiritual entities or clusters of spiritual entities by asking what is the client’s attention on or what does he or she want to handle? A solo client needs only to notice where his attention is being drawn. Some practitioners are able to see spiritual entities as shimmering areas of energy, others see no visible evidence but find that their attention is being attracted to a particular area in space or in their body. This is an ability that improves with practice. Receiving SRT services from a trained SRT practitioner will rapidly increase one’s ability to spot spiritual entities, masses and spiritual energy.

>>> Continued in Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part Two

If you have any questions or comments on this material, visit srtforum.info which allows you to ask any questions you want about SRT and allows you to examine session reports and SRT results.

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