The Counselor’s Code – Spiritual Rescue Technology Version

I hereby promise as a Spiritual Rescue Technology Practitioner to follow the Counselor’s Code as it is written here.

1. I promise to deliver Spiritual Rescue Technology only to clients who are ready for this technology and will benefit from it.
2. I will make every effort to meet my clients expectations.
3. I will promise only those results I can reasonably expect to deliver.
4. I promise not to tell the client what he should think about his spiritual or mental state in or out of session.
5. I promise not to make less of the client’s spiritual or mental state or gains in or out of session.
6. I promise to keep all counseling appointments once made.
7. I promise not to process a client who has not had sufficient rest and who is physically tired.
8. I promise not to process a client who is improperly fed or hungry.
9. I promise never to abandon a client in session.
10. I promise never to get angry with a client in session.
11. I promise to run every major spiritual counseling action to a satisfactory resolution.
12. I promise to recognize the importance of the client  and his spiritual entities in session and in all my dealings with him.
13. I promise not to enter comments, expressions or any disturbance into a session that could distract a client or his spiritual entities from addressing their spiritual or mental concerns.
13.A I promise to accept whatever the client or his spiritual entities says without expressing doubt, or trying to get them to reframe their statements to something I can accept. When the client or his entities originate a realization or answer a question, I will acknowledge that I have heard it and acknowledge it with out altering it in any way.
14. I promise never to use the secrets of a client divulged in or out of session for any purpose other than to apply the correct process for achieving spiritual gain.
15. I promise not to advocate spiritual counseling as a cure for illness or insanity, knowing well that mitigation is possible only if the client truly wants to get well and is willing to accept spiritual assistance and is willing to accept the spiritual assistance as complementary to any existing medical treatment they may be receiving.
16. I promise to safeguard the ethical use and practice of Spiritual Rescue Technology.

This counselor’s code is an integral part of every Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling agreement.

David St Lawrence


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