Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part Four

In this part, I will try to give you background material about entities which will help you deal with unusual situations you may encounter.This part will be rather long and will probably be subdivided when it is all put into a book.

The material in the earlier Parts One, Two, and Three should be clearly understood and should be discussed with a trained Spiritual Rescue Practitioner until you can do all of the actions successfully with a caring attitude and a smooth communication cycle. This will give you successful solo counseling sessions with most of the spiritual entities you will encounter.

The material in this section covers situations that you WILL encounter but they are far, far outside what you might expect and I would like you to be prepared when they turn up. Reading these real examples will give you ideas you can use when you finally encounter them.

The important thing to remember is these experiences are real and you will eventually run into more then one of them in your counseling or solo counseling. Your successful handling will require you to understand and acknowledge what you observe. Any effort to explain or alter what is being perceived or communicated will stop your communication cold and you will have to spend a lot of time fixing up the upset with the entities involved.

These are incidents where caring is vital as you will be dealing with spiritual entities who are suffering from incredible upsets.

One interesting fact to consider is that spiritual entities are rarely alone. They are often stuck together by common incidents or even by intentional actions. For example, a being running a body has lots of entities helping to run the body and keep the heart beating and the various organs functioning.

This large group of entities has been referred to as the Genetic Entity in Scientology and as the Chakra in the Hindu traditions. These centers of life force can be contacted and they play an enormous role in managing body functions and even emotions according to some schools of thought.  I will be covering this in more detail in a future section.

Picking up a Body has Consequences

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-cemetary-image5554215I was asked, “When someone gets back and picks up a new body,what then? His new body gets prenatals and engrams, the body has a new Genetic Entity with a new reactive mind and body thetans.. (He needs to do the Scientology Bridge again?)”

My short answer was, “It varies.” The complete answer is that there is no one simple answer.

I have been doing spiritual counseling since 1977 and have run into clients who were: past-life Scientologists, past-life FBI agents,  people who picked up their current body when someone got really sick and gave up, or got badly injured, and people who moved in and took over bodies on a temporary basis.

You can get a sense of the complexity that goes with picking up a body by reading History of Man and reading the transcript of The Role of Earth, but there are dozens of other lectures where Ron Hubbard refers to taking over a body or picking it up and pretending to be the person who used to run the body. Other authors have written about the same subject.

The following examples are the ones I witnessed personally.


Some spiritual beings are better at handling “fixer uppers” than others and when one of these beings loses a body in battle or in an accident, he can get inspired to pick up another body in better shape and carry on without the need to grow a body from scratch. I have had two clients who went through multiple bodies during the second World War. Both of these clients ran standard Scientology processes and it did not seem to matter that some of the engrams were from the earlier body or the new body.


Past life clears and people with special spiritual abilities have usually had trouble when they were audited in the Church of Scientology. Generally, this was because staff members did not believe in their having spiritual abilities even though the church promised that people could get these special abilities from church counseling.  In some cases, their abilities were invalidated and in other cases, they were run on processes should not have been run.

As staff cases got worse and worse through neglect and abuse, their handling of public got more robotic and invalidative. As a result, most staff members, not being clear and having little reality on past lives, would snicker when a new public person attempted to explain that they had been in Scientology before.


Picking up a new body at birth or during pregnancy might cause a being to encounter prenatal engrams, but I have never seen these to be difficult to run when they were encountered. Yes, the pc does pick up a new Genetic Entity with the new body and any issues with this Genetic Entity seem to be handled with Dianetics in most cases. The pc usually runs the Genetic Entity’s engrams as if they were his own.

When the being picks up a new infant body, he seems to pick up spiritual entities that are inherited or copied from the mother and father. These get added to the spiritual entities that the being has been dragging along with him for many lifetimes.

It is quite usual when running Spiritual Rescue Technology processes to encounter spiritual entities that have a connection to mother or father. These entities will often have messages similar to messages that mother or father used to control the child.

Someone who has gone clear before this lifetime does not seem to have engrams actively affecting them. Whenever we would encounter an engram in session, it would blow on inspection. The pc would say something like, “Oh yes! The train blew up because I forgot to…” and that would be all there was to it.


I encountered more cases of this than I ever expected. Perhaps it is because the person having gotten himself a new body with a new family decides to fit in keep quiet about it. He becomes the person he is replacing and nobody is the wiser.  Sometimes the family notices something but can’t bring themselves to believe what has happened.

I wonder how many times families have remarked that Uncle Ned has not been himself since he came home from the hospital or that Mary does not seem the same since her accident. The change is not all bad because I know of one thirteen year old boy whose life was transformed for the better when he recovered from a serious accident. He seemed much brighter and alive.

I have personal knowledge of several people I know who picked up their current bodies in their teenage years. They did not discover this until they had some auditing and the takeover has not been a major source of charge to be handled.

Sometimes a person will come home from the hospital and their behavior will be so wrong that it interferes with their home life. One client had a spouse who was operated on several times and on the fourth return from the hospital the spouse was definitely a different person with a different language set. Once the client realized what had happened, he was able to weather the situation and stay sane.


There are also times when a being has moved in on a body but is not completely in control. It can act like a personality which is only evident under certain circumstances. This condition can persist for many years. In fact, the personality that is most obvious to everyone else may be the “alternate” being and strange things can happen when counseling occurs.

If you have studied the behavior of entities, you will understand that many people have spiritual entities with considerable skill who can take over the body and carry on when the person in charge is overwhelmed. You might say these entities act as co-pilots and handle situations when the pilot is indisposed. I have encountered this many times when we were handling an alternate personality situation. An entity can be anything, a complete alternate personality or a fixed idea or a persisting thought, but it is a living being and responds to auditing.

I know of two different couples who went through hell when one partner got counseling at the Church of Scientology and the alternate and highly social personality got “exorcised”. After the counseling, the partner was no longer the same social being and the relationship suffered because of the drastic change in affinity between the partners.

This kind of exorcism occurs when a being is brought to understand that he is not the original owner/operator of the body and he decides to leave.

I was not involved in the counseling that acted as an “exorcism” but I was involved in handling the upsets of the partners and this required finding out what had actually happened.

To give you this as a simple diagram: Imagine person A has been taken over by entity B at an early age and B is all that anyone has seen for many years. If B is a pleasant and intelligent being, it is a huge shock when B is accidentally exorcised and personality A emerges. In this case, someone fell in love with and married personality B and they lived happily together until B was sent to a Scientology Center to get counseling with the hopes that this would make him even more able and special.

The processing was done in such a way that personality B was caused to leave leaving a highly confused personality A to carry on with a partner who would not accept him at all.

My job as counselor was to find out what had actually happened and put the truth there in a compassionate manner so that everyone involved could find peace.


Caring auditing will bring to light any misownership problems where more than one being is trying to control a body. Handling all beings involved with compassion and full application of the counselor’s code will straighten things out.

If there is  upset to be handled, consulting with the beings involved will produce uniformly satisfying results. The client wins and so do the entities who have been thinking they were the client because their actual identities are sorted out and all upset is finally handled. With the right counseling, everybody wins.

For more information on special situations encountered in handling spiritual entities continue on to Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part 4A – Curses.

Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part 4A – Curses

If you have any questions or comments on this material, visit srtforum.info which allows you to ask any questions you want about SRT and allows you to examine session reports and SRT results.

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