Results You Should Expect this section, I list some of the results people are getting from delivering Spiritual Rescue Technology to themselves and others and will try to explain why any trained auditor can apply this technology to themselves. Actually, anyone with enough spiritual counseling experience can use this material with a little coaching. It has more to do with the attitude of the counselor than his training level.

One of the major differences between what I deliver and what the Church of Scientology attempts to deliver is that my clients do not try to get rid of the spiritual entities surrounding them. They are carefully coached to get these spiritual beings to work with them as that is what most of these spiritual beings want to do and have been trying to do for many years.

When you finally recognize these beings and they realize that you do want their help, their relief is so great that it literally changes your life for the better.

Many of my clients are doing solo sessions within their first 10 hours of auditing from me and they continue these solo sessions as long as they wish, with occasional coaching sessions from me to help them handle challenging situations.

Here are some recent reports from solo sessions:

The Technology Works: A couple of days ago I read your site and started auditing my spirits.
I’m amazed at the results of the first sessions; exterior with perceptions, line charge, blowing somatics, etc.
This can have quite some effect on my life and I’ll let you know how it goes or when I may need your help.

Using Spiritual Rescue Technology in Life: I would like to share a success with you.

I re-established contact with an entity, he is a composite and I lost contact with him some 30 years ago.I knew he existed when I was a child. He has a specialty which is repairing and maintaining bodies.

A very good friend of 30 years, has been diagnosed with advanced cancer and after his surgery to remove some of it, has been bed ridden for weeks, on morphine patches for pain and generally preparing to die. On my last visit, he had been vomiting for a week, unable to eat or drink and facing going back to hospital to be put on a drip.He is 49 and the doctors have given up on him.

I realized that maybe I could ask my ‘fixer-upper entity’ to go and assist. And he did. After I made this decision, I only got to see my friend , a week later. I expected the worst when I drove to his house.

When I entered his house, there he was,out of bed, eating food, no vomiting and moving around. I was absolutely speechless. We made a difference.
Yes, I know, its easy to invalidate but I made a decision and he is much better. I don’t know if he will be cured BUT on the short term he is much improved. Is it coincidental?
My dog has arthritis and has been on medication. A few weeks ago the pills ran out. I asked my entity (he answers to the name Roger) to check out my dog.
Well, he is still off the medication but is moving around a lot better and is in much better health.

So, thank you for making this technology available, I know that I am better off for knowing it.

Body Problem: Couple of days ago I had a conversation with an entity with a crew of many people.  They seemed to be interfering with my lower back (and I have had back pain for the past 2 weeks), so I talked with him and suggested that he and his crew work with the GE to get the spine back in order and well again.  It seemed to go ok and I have had some relief from the pain and a slow healing.

Becoming Oneself: So here are my latest wins; Things that used to be on automatic I am now aware of actually doing. So I am becoming cause over my life and existence. I am actually aware of being aware. May not sound like much to you, but seems big to me.

Then, I am getting more and more in control of my emotions and thoughts. Like I can really just be ME. I think that is what Ron may have been after when he developed the nasty OT Levels. Although I am not going the same route that he went, but I feel as though I am achieving the goals that he set out for. Such a shame he could not have shown his entities more affinity. They can be quite likeable and a great asset.

Another Body Problem: I have had a lower back problem for 60 years ever since I jumped off an armored vehicle in cold weather. It usually runs for a week or two and I hobble around until it subsides. When I was receiving auditing in the church, I realized it could be an engram and that caused it to disappear completely for many years. Recently it has returned and I finally realized it was an engram all right, but not mine! Getting in communication with entities in the area has enabled me to relieve the pain within minutes. There seems to be many entities in this area that go into restimulation in cold weather (something about being injured in a really cold environment) but I now feel confident that I can keep this under control and will eventually handle all of the entities involved.

Improved Handwriting: One thing that I can tell you is that I used to actually hate my hand writing. I thought it was terrible. I made some notes today on paper and realized that my handwriting is quite aesthetic, almost like art. That was so cool. Especially since I will always acknowledge and admire someone who has nice handwriting (which my daughter has). I think that it is some sort of spiritual ability.

Here are some reports from clients receiving Spiritual Rescue Technology sessions:

New Viewpoints:  I have one session with David so far and my viewpoint of my case shifted considerably. I am handling entities now and attempting to reestablish harmony in areas of discord. This was unthinkable before accepting David’s offer of a clear check last week.

Shift in Viewpoint:  Just thought I should mention a win that I had today after session:

I feel as though I have actually joined the human race.  I am not sure what that all means, but I felt as though I have been somewhat disconnected from humanity for some time now.  Like I just did not quite fit in.  Not sure when it began, but a long time ago.  But I now feel as though I am actually part of the Fourth Dynamic.  I can have so much more affinity for the rest of us and I am sure that will increase as time goes by.

I am not quite sure how to communicate fully how, because of today’s session, I feel as though I have allowed myself to be part of this group known as mankind.  I was holding myself back, not wanting to “infect” others.  I can now experience all the joy and pain of being human.

WOW, sometimes these Earth words do not do justice to the wins and cognitions that you can have in session.

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