What is Spiritual Rescue Technology?

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-fireworks-image26959796Spiritual Rescue Technology is a technology that combines the best of the currently accepted techniques for handling upset spiritual entities with the ethical practices of present day Spiritualists to create an easily understood technology for helping spiritual beings of all types.

It took me 38 years to connect the dots and to realize that my quest which started in 1975 with visits to a Spiritualist Church in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and then led me into and back out of Scientology had finally connected me back up with what hundreds of thousands of people are doing every day, and that is talking to spirits.

In 1975, I observed one of these Spiritualist Church ministers demonstrating advanced spiritual ability in service after service but she was unable to teach others how to achieve the same level of ability. That started me on a quest to see if I could apply my engineering background to discovering how these abilities could be learned by anyone.

Scientology in the early 1970s was able to help people to achieve some serious spiritual abilities and there was the beginnings of a technology that could raise abilities to unprecedented heights. Within a few years however, the church had morphed into a cult and making money was more important than setting people free from their self-imposed barriers.

The advanced Scientology levels are a graduated series of processes for removing spiritual entities which they call “body thetans” from one’s body or immediate environment. This was a highly guarded secret for many years and the results left much to be desired.

In the Spiritualist Church this communication with spiritual beings is viewed as a religious activity and was freely enjoyed by many followers.

When I started my private practice, I researched the matter thoroughly and have found that many people can speak with spirits with very little coaching and I combined the early Scientology technology for dealing with disturbed spirits with the compassionate and ethical practices of present day Spiritualists to create a Spiritual Rescue Technology for helping spiritual beings of all types.

I discovered that many people enter therapy seeking to solve problems that are caused by the spiritual beings that surround them. They do not get this handled and are usually invalidated when they talk about voices in their heads or thoughts that come unbidden and disrupt their daily lives.

In my practice, most of my clients discover that they are surrounded by entities in their first or second session. This is usually, but not always, what they really want to handle.

This has been going on ever since I opened my own practice in 2010 and I have continued to get feedback from my clients that has expanded our views of what is needed and wanted by these spiritual beings.

This is what we have discovered through actual spiritual rescue sessions:

– Spiritual entities are basically good

– Spiritual entities are usually trying to help the individual they are attached to

– Spiritual entities respond to friendly communication and they will communicate freely when acknowledged

– Communicating with spiritual entities is quite easy and pleasant when the Counselor’s Code is followed and you make them know they are important to you.

– If you approach entities with the idea of helping them, counseling is ever so much easier and the results are satisfying

– Bringing spiritual entities to present time from the incidents they are stuck in gives them the option of going off and starting a new life or hanging around and helping you.

– Solo processing can be done easily, if you sit down in a quiet place and just mentally communicate with whoever wishes to talk with you. Two way communication will handle 85% of the spiritual entities you encounter.

– Many of my clients are running spiritual rescue technology on a solo basis after 20 hours of sessions. I coach these clients to recognize the rightness of their entities and how to engage them in conversation for the purpose of helping them.

I have clients who are using their spiritual skills to heal others already, but I want to get everyone up to the point where they view their spiritual associates as teammates or friends and make effective use of them as a resource.

If a person is seriously interested, I give them a free introductory session in which we get to see if they are ready to audit their spiritual entities and how well we work together. After that we set up a schedule to fit the client and I deliver spiritual rescue technology counseling at $100 per hour. All delivery is done over a Skype video connection and you should have high speed internet for best results.

All beings respond to kindness and good communication. Training you to be afraid of beings was a good way of controlling you, just like keeping you from reading the Internet. As Muldar said in the X-files, “The truth is out there.”

We are ready to share it with you.

You might want to start with: http://spiritual-rescue-technology.com/?p=9


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