Spiritual Rescue Technology for Scientologists

There was magic in the very early days of Scientology and I received the benefit of it and saw others get the same. Life was full of joy at the time.

As the church morphed into a cult, the wins were less and the pressure to conform got greater.

I left after 20 years of trying to make things go right and finally set up my own practice to use the best and discard what was destructive. I have many preclears and we kept on researching to extend the technology and make it faster and more reliable.

The Scientology OT levels are actually just marketing releases of supposed improvements in ways of handling spiritual beings which LRH called body thetans.

After several years of research and with the help of volunteers and clients I was able to extend the basic technology of the early days of Scientology to the point where I deliver an Independent style of OT auditing that covers all of the OT levels at once and can be run on anyone who is clear or who is aware of the spiritual beings surrounding him. This also has the advantage that most clients are able to solo audit on the OT materials within the first 20 hours of auditing.

One of the major differences between what I deliver and what the church attempts to deliver is that my clients do not try to get rid of the spiritual entities surrounding them. They are carefully coached to get these spiritual beings to work with them as that is what most of these spiritual beings want to do and have been trying to do for many years.

Those of you who have some understanding of the charge that builds up when help is refused or ignored, can appreciate the state of mind of the spiritual entities that have been with you for your entire life and longer. When you finally recognize them and they realize that you do want their help, their relief is so great that it literally changes your life for the better.

The majority of my clients are solo auditing within their first 10 to 20 hours of auditing from me and they continue solo auditing as long as they wish, with occasional sessions from me to coach them to handle challenging situations.

If a person is seriously interested, I give them a free introductory session in which we get to see if they are ready to audit their spiritual entities and how well we work together. After that we set up a schedule to fit the client and I deliver auditing at $100 per hour. All delivery is done over a Skype video connection and you should have high speed internet for best results.

If this seems like something you might be interested in, I suggest you start reading here:


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